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23rd June 10am - 11.20am Studio 1Deepthi Shetty: DEVI- Indian Fusion BellydanceBringing together the rhythm of Indian classical and Belly Dance, this workshop ‘DEVI’ is quintessentially the most graceful and powerful blend

Arabella: Mumbai BellyDance Festival June23rd


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About The Event

Day 3 Schedule

23rd June 10am - 11.20am Studio 1
Deepthi Shetty: DEVI- Indian Fusion Bellydance
Bringing together the rhythm of Indian classical and Belly Dance, this workshop ‘DEVI’ is quintessentially the most graceful and powerful blend of different movements. The lines, expressions and bashful 'adas' of Indian classical with the strong accents, shimmies and pops of Belly Dancing and while one is an unbroken flow of the body movements, the other focuses on just the opposite – breaking that flow and isolating body movements. Devi is the combination of Indian aesthetics with intense oriental passion.

23rd June 10am - 11.20am Studio 2
Priyanka Valecha: Beyond basics
Experiment with your body language and postures, internal and external energy by polishing the basics with control, balance and dynamism. Make that movement YOURS. Own it. Live it.
Basics to perfection and practice till you get the basics.
Ps: b to p and oh! P till you get the b!!

23rd June 10am - 11.20am Studio 3
Rakhi Singh: Theatrical BellyDance
As you all know "Theatrical" means dramatic, exaggerated self-display of emotions.Theatrical Bellydance, is all about telling a story via expressing different emotions through Bellydance. The choreography will comprise of ballet, contemporary and jazz movements combined with belly dance and will be divided into 2 parts to showcase 2 sides of a human being,

”Black & white” / “Hate & Love” / “War & Peace”.
1st part:- Will demonstrate, the negative side of the human i.e. anger, jealousy ,hatred.
2nd part :- Will showcase the positive side of the human i.e. love, peace , happiness, humanity, care.

23rd June 11.30am - 12.50pm Studio 1
How often do you deconstruct your music before performing on it? Do you know the essential rhythms? Do you know how they sound, feel or have to be interpreted in order to fully understand how to dance to them? Learn the most important rhythms played on the Darbuka by Payal herself and how to identify and dance to them meaningfully to construct a full-fledged choreography on orchestral Raks Sharki music.

23rd June 11.30am - 12.50pm Studio 2
Aakriti Prasad: Odissi Tribal Fusion
Learn the nuances and stillness of Odissi. Know more about the dance, hands and postures and put it all together in a small routine piece to take back home.

23rd June 11.30am - 12.50pm Studio 3
Preeti & Dhara (Soul Gypsies): Power Plexus- Rolls, Flutters and Undulations
Learn the sultry rolls, crisp flutters and wavy undulations. Experience the activation of solar plexus (Manipura chakra) by using messages and breath work followed by in-depth techniques of executing rolls, flutters and undulations.

23rd June 1.40pm - 3.00pm Studio 1
Meher Malik: Experiments with Fusion
Learn how to experiment in Bellydancing with the previous knowledge you have and using that knowledge as well as elements of other dance styles, bring new language to your body. Meher will take you through an exciting class with lots of fun group/solo activities and tasks, playing with the Bellydance techniques and other styles of dance. You will learn to come up with original concepts and ideas all by yourself just by using the above tools and secrets shared by Meher. By the end of the workshop, you will have a new way to approach Bellydance and will be able to create an interesting vocabulary inside your own pieces, adding spice to your Bellydance journey!

23rd June 1.40pm - 3.00pm Studio 2
Bindu Bolar: Zilloholic- Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing with Zills
This workshop would introduce you to some basic Zill patterns and we would execute these patterns in an interesting and super fun Tribalina style choreography. Intricate muscular isolation's, layering patterns, footwork and Tribalina's techniques with the fflavourof finger cymbals!! Yes it would seem like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. But what better than challenging yourself to the next level!!

Lunch Break 3.00pm - 4.00pm

Day 3 Second Half Schedule

4.00pm - Reporting Time at St. Andrews Audi for Technicals
7.45pm - Gates open for show
8.00pm - Arabella Night with 25+ performances

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