App Fest 2013

App Fest 2013


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It is estimated that in the US alone, apps have generated half a million new jobs between 2007 and 2012. In India, given the strong base of mobile users, rapidly growing base of Internet users, availability of innovative minds and depth of resource pool, the opportunity can be enormous.

For realization of this opportunity, we believe, there is just one pre-condition: to create an environment where businesses, developers, platforms and networks are incentivized for their efforts. It is especially important that the first person and the last person in the value chain, – the innovators/ developers/ entrepreneurs, are amply rewarded.

Keeping the innovator/ developer/ entrepreneur at the centre, App Fest 2013 has three tracks:

TALKATHON – Sharing of ideas on technology, revenue models and current opportunities

HACKATHON – On spot search, competition and awarding of innovation by individuals and in prompt groups

CHALLENGATHON – On spot creation of customized solutions for brands present and the immediate opportunity to work with them on larger projects

With App Fest 2013, IAMAI hopes to create the first of its kind forum for all stakeholders in the apps economy in India.

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