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Anything Can Be Healed: Body Mirror System healing course


  • Body Mirror System Healing Intensive

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About The Event

~Anything can be healed~

"No illness exists that someone, somewhere, has not been healed of.
What one person can do, any person can do.
Remember, anything can be healed. We are all healers."

Presenting, for the first time in India

Martin Brofman's

Body Mirror System of Healing


A four-day residential programme in Mumbai, India


7th – 11th January 2015


35 years ago, Martin Brofman, author of Anything can be Healed, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given two months to live. He decided to work on himself and began exploring Eastern and Western philosophies and healing modalities. He was able to completely cure himself of the cancer and went on to develop the Body Mirror System of Healing.

Complete Wellbeing is honoured to bring to you, for the first time in India, an opportunity to learn this incredible system of healing.

The parts of your body that do not work well reflect those parts of your life that are not doing well—be it money, relationships, career, sexuality or anything else. The Body Mirror System helps you resolve all those parts.



During the course you will receive healing and also learn to:

  • Read your body as a map of your consciousness
  • Discover what inner turmoil is causing your outer symptoms
  • Release negativity from your chakras and imprint desired positive states
  • Feel and direct energy, and see energy as auras, chakras, thought forms
  • Learn how to heal yourself of long-standing diseases
  • Get solutions to unpleasant life-situations that have been baffling you


"After the healing my mother felt better, and a week ago she did the test to know at which stage the cancer was. Doctors were very astonished, the cancer in her lower abdomen is gone." — MP


"I felt like the instructor took a glass cleaner and polished my eye, I can see clearly now." — SS


"I have suffered from a chronic throat ailment since eight years and after the session it was gone. We learned how to see auras in five to 10 minutes, this is something I had been trying to do for many years. Long-buried issues that were affecting our lives in some way were brought to the surface and released. We learned to see thought forms in the body and were able to remove them." — RS

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