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Dear Fellow Trainer/Entreprenur... 

We bring to you... 
A Transformational SALES ORIENTATION Program 
Specifically tailor-made to mould you from being a freelance trainer/Entrepreneur to a great selling bus



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About The Event



Dear Fellow Trainer/Entreprenur... 



We bring to you... 

A Transformational SALES ORIENTATION Program

Specifically tailor-made to mould you from being a freelance trainer/Entrepreneur to a great selling business owner! 


As a Trainer/Entrepreneur, many of you left your high-flying career because you Believed! you can transform the lives of a larger cross-section of people, making a positive impact on the world.


You started your new venture with great hopes and preparation, only to later find that Training Business was more than just, preparation and delivery of your content.

Soon, you come to a cross-road where,

On One side...


and, On the other side...



DID you Know?

...that it all starts with your SALES SKILL?


Yes! That's True!

Before even you start building your service offerings, you need to start honing your sales skills.



But unfortunately, that is where most Trainers & Entrepreneurs are stuck!


But you have a Good News!

Since you are reading this till here, you have a chance to create your breakthrough...




Founder -


The training field is changing fast, but are our trainers changing fast enough?

With New methodologies, changing expectations from trainees and companies, are you ready to take the Stage?

Our Sales orientation training courses equip you with the skills and confidence to transform yourself from being just a trainer to having your very own Signature Program with a clear Go-To-Market strategy and action points.

This powerful seminar will help you find a market, sell your programs and earn the income that you truly deserve.


This Program will help you to,

  • Find customers who will pay for your program
  • Sell your programs
  • Be among the 1% of successful Trainers who are known by their name and signature programs
  • Build successful Hour-long, Half-day, Full day, Multiple day training.
  • Know how a Training Business Model looks like
  • Position yourself as a Brand  
  • Build your Signature programme


Who Should Attend?

  • A TRAINER who is looking for new & more effective approaches to selling his programs
  • Aspiring 1st-TIME TRAINER who are completely new to the training industry and who want to make a mark among the established fraternity.
  • Budding and established ENTREPRENEURs who find it difficult to take their awesome product to market. 


    Hear Out what Trainers who attended would like to say about the program   



About the Speaker

Raghesh, a well-known personality in the Training industry is the master brain behind the World’s first On-demand and Managed Technology Marketplace for Training Industry -

He is an industry veteran with about 2 decades of corporate experience as a technologist, operations expert, an Entrepreneur, and a Trainer. Worked in the UK for fortune 500 companies. He has been a serial Entrepreneur and has been a known Trainer figure who takes exclusive training for Trainers on Entrepreneurship. 


Why Raghesh?

He is a known figure in the Training Industry – as the person to introduce technology to solve the biggest problem in Training industry - timely and quality market connect between the demand (Corporate) and supply (Trainer) sides. 

He not only trains the trainers on their go to market strategies but also provide technology tools to profile and position them in the market. He creates market outreach for trainers. So, when you attend the session, you not only take the lessons and learnings but also get the tools and techniques at no extra cost.

You are about to change the way you see the market, marketing, and sales of your Training Services.



You are about to change your life!


We have only two choices!


To be what we feel WE ARE! OR to be what we are MEANT TO BE. 


Choose wisely!

GOOD LUCK! See you at the venue...

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