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Antaragni is the Annual Cultural Festival of IIT Kanpur. The festival was originally known as 'Culfest' which gave the generic name to college festivals in India. It was later re-christened to Antaragni in 1993.

Antaragni literally meaning the 'Fire Within' is a celebration of the creative spirit and youthful energy inherent in the country's college students.

Emerging from the mist descending from the starry night, rise the spires of the ancient castle that give unto this magical place its name, IIT Kanpur. This year, Antaragni invites you to step into a world where Myth and Legend are reality, where knights in shining armor strive to earn Ladies’ hearts by deeds of arms and with the shiny treasures found on mythical places. Enjoy games and diversions of great merriment, while performers entertain you with their cleverness and skill. Imagine a world where the weather is always mild, the ale flows freely, romance is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth. So, enter our magical realm and join us for four days of magic and wonder and live your Medieval Fantasies that will leave you wishing not to return to Bag End.

The melting pot of cultures from across the world, International Carnival is the arena where you can explore arts from a host of countries, and get enthralled by amazing performances. Music, dance, street art and theatre, there's something in it for everyone. This will be nothing less than a fascinating journey across the world, in 4 days.

List of events

  • Director’s Cut

  • Dream On

  • Informals

  • Workshops

  • ALI

  • Mela

  • Ritambhara

  • Exhibitions

  • Kavi Sammelan

  • India Haat

  • India Inspired

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