Another Year With Cheese Monkey Mafia

Another Year With Cheese Monkey Mafia


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To celebrate 2years of entertaining The Capital, We bring to you a night of STAND UP COMEDY and MUSIC with some of the city's fast upcoming talents. The venue we have chosen, Epicentre, Gurgaon , has had two of our best shows this past year, 'A night with Cheese Monkey Mafia' and 'Mandavandalism' , both performed to packed houses. So, on the 28th of January, come and join us and let the following artists enthrall your Saturday night.

Shantanu Pandit - This 18year old, has a voice that will leave you captivated. His original compositions will make you wonder why he isn't a millionaire. Maheep Singh - This man is a Sardar, who is very Un-sardar like, but is yet somehow, a complete Sardar... figure out how that is true by coming to the show. Amit Tandon - A true observational comic. He notices things from day to day life which you may see, but don't take note of. If you want to learn more about your surroundings, he is your man. Keshav Naidu - If crazy had a younger brother, Keshav would be bullying him. A man with a sense of humor completely tripped out. Not many comics like him operating in the country. Raghav Mandava - Too busy experimenting with different forms of comedy and finding humor and insights in anything and everything, his comedy cannot be categorised. His first special 'Mandavandalism', in September, was a roaring success.

Hosting the night will be Mr. Sayak Basu, a regular with Cheese Monkey Mafia since Feb 2010, and one of the most legendary smokers this city has seen.

Tickets at Rs.350, Rs.250 & Rs.150 available at the venue.
Suitable for 18 years & above

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