Book Online Tickets for Anil Dagias Neuro Linguistic Manipulatio, Mumbai. What is Neuro Linguistic Manipulation?This is a 1 day training which brings the SIMPLEST, the BEST & the MOST EFFECTIVE tools of NLP which you can use on a practical day to day basis to generate deep rapport & trust with your teams, clients,

Anil Dagias Neuro Linguistic Manipulation - Mumbai


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About The Event

What is Neuro Linguistic Manipulation?
This is a 1 day training which brings the SIMPLEST, the BEST & the MOST EFFECTIVE tools of NLP which you can use on a practical day to day basis to generate deep rapport & trust with your teams, clients, relationships and begin to influence them at a sub-conscious level.

Why Is This Training Titled "Manipulation"?
Websters dictionary defines manipulation as - "to use or change (numbers, information, etc.) in a skillful way or for a particular purpose, to manage or utilize skillfully".

Whether you like it, or whether you don't;

Whether you want to, or whether you don't;

You Are A L W A Y S - Either Manipulating Others


You Are Being Manipulated By Others !!

There Is No Way To NOT MANIPULATE !!


There Is A Scientifically Evidenced Neurological Basis To This !!

C A U T I O N - The Techniques Taught In This Program Are:
- Used By FBI & Other Law Enforcement Agencies
- Used By Governments & Military
- Used By Politicians To Swing Votes In Their Favor
- Seldom Taught To Outsiders

In this Program You Will NOT LEARN
- How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs
- How To Overcome Your Phobia
- How To Do Something Different To Get Different Results
- Study Of Excellence
- Therapy & Counselling

About The Trainer Anil Dagia
- Certified Trainer of NLP registered with ANLP CIC, UK & INLPTA, UK
- World’s 1st NLP Trainer to offer ICF Approved Coach Training that is a dual certification training with NLP
- Trained/coached over 3000 people across 11 nationalities (including French, Spanish, British, South Africans and many more)
- Conducted Trainings in Dubai, South Africa & India
- Probably the only NLP trainer in India who teaches you practical NLP that you can use in the Boardroom
- Interviewed by Times Of India -
- Interviewed by Mid-Day -
- Interviewed for 2nd time by Mid-Day -
- Interviewed by MJ Shubhra of Radio One 94.3 FM -
- More than 1000 skill endorsements on linkedin
- "Unconventional", "No Box Thinker", "Trainer Who Does Not Use Powerpoint" are some of the epithets given to him by those who have attended his courses
- 20 Years In IT Industry , Reputed For Turning Around Troubled Projects

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Why You Must Attend This Training ?
This 1 (or 2) day program brings out the BEST & MOST EFFECTIVE tools of NLP which your staff can use on a day to day basis to generate deep rapport & trust with your teams & clients and begin to influence them at a sub-conscious level.

If you have an interest in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming but have not yet attended training, it is quite likely that any explanation that has been offered to you about NLP has not truly satisfied your interest. A lot of people make out NLP to be about therapy, self development, motivation, finding the purpose of your life, overcoming limiting beliefs etc.

While all of these explanations may be valid, these do not reflect the true potential of the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

If you have been thinking of doing a detailed course in NLP and are unsure about it, then this 1 day program is ideal for you to get introduced to NLP and yet go back with invaluable skills that you can start using right away.

If you have already attended an NLP course with some other trainer & still haven't been able to use the skills that were taught to you during your training, then this program is a MUST for you because you will learn how to unlock the true potential of these skills.

Organizational Benefits
- Reduce resistance and achieve maximum persuasion
- Customize your word style for maximum influence
- Conflict resolution (personal & departmental) for maximum performance
- Improve your effectiveness with teams & clients – increase your teamwork & sales
- Personal & Leadership effectiveness with maximum results

Who Should Attend?
- Senior Management – MD, CxO, VP, Head of Department
- HR Professionals at all levels
- Sales Professionals at all levels
- Managers & Senior Managers
- Employees at all levels
- Business Owners, Professionals
- Trainers, Teachers, Coaches/Counselors/Therapists, Students
- Social workers, Health/Sports Professionals

What You Will Learn
1) Provide an insight into the most powerful tools of Psychological Influence & Emotional Connect with your clients
2) Learn how to apply & use these tools in everyday scenarios – for Maximum Results
3) Identifying personal word styles – for Maximum Influence
4) Adopting different word styles for Improved Performance
5) Understand & orient to customers’ perspective - for Maximum Persuasion
6) Improve your effectiveness in dealing with your customers – Increase Your Sales
7) Creating Win-Win scenarios in an ever changing business environment – the hallmark of a performance oriented thinking

Program Flow
1) Neuro Linguistic Programming - An Introduction
2) Influence – A Neurological Perspective
3) Individual Word Styles
4) Body Language – A Subconscious Tool - Are You Connecting With Or Disconnecting From Your Client?
5) Words – Are you communicating or mis-communicating?
6) Power Questions That Provide The Solution

N B : Audio / Video recording of the session is strictly not allowed

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
I.    These terms & conditions are about delivering value and about increasing transparency in our relationship so that you can make the best choices for you.

II.    The full payment of covers the cost of following:
    a.    Your attendance for the training program
    b.    One copy of the students course material for certification trainings
    c.    Assessment & Certification for certification trainings
    d.    Refreshments as per the course advertisement

III.    Course participant’s commitment
    a.    Course participant will pay in full, by the payment due date, for courses they have booked
    b.    Course participant will pro-actively and with an open mind participate in their training

IV.    Payment
    a.    International & remote payments are required to be made in full at the time of registration
    b.    For in-person payments, a minimum non-refundable deposit for an amount announced for each course individually, is required when making a booking for the full course
    c.    Full payment is due 15 days prior to start of the booked course
    d.    In case of any privileged pricing earned by any participant, FULL payment MUST be made within 24 HOURS of booking your seat else the pricing offer will be withdrawn

V.    Attendance
    a.    It is the responsibility of the course participant to attend courses on which they are booked
    b.    Should the participant miss out on their attendance during the training, they will not be eligible for any refund.

VI.    Cancellations & Refunds
    a.    Option for cancellations & refunds is not available
    b.    Alternatively, you may transfer to a later program or provide a substitute delegate at the sole discretion of 5th Element and will attract fees which will be decided on a case to case basis. Requests for the same MUST be made in written communication.

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