Book Online Tickets for Anil Dagias Emotional Fitness Gym - Mumb, Mumbai. About The Trainer Anil Dagia – Foremost NLP trainer in Pune – Probably the only NLP trainer in India who teaches you how to apply NLP in your daily everyday life – \\\

Anil Dagias Emotional Fitness Gym - Mumbai


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About The Event

About The Trainer Anil Dagia
Foremost NLP trainer in Pune
Probably the only NLP trainer in India who teaches you how to apply NLP in your daily everyday life
– "Unconventional", "No Box Thinker", "Trainer Who Does Not Use Powerpoint" are some of the epithets given to him by those who have attended his courses
– Creator of "Emotional Fitness Gym", "Neuro Linguistic Manipulation" & yet to be launched "Tongue In Cheek Creatvtea"
– More than 1000 skill endorsements on linkedin
– Trained/coached over 2400 people across 9 nationalities
– Conducted Trainings in Dubai, South Africa & India
– Those trained include Doctors, Surgeons, Trainers, Psychologists, Business Owners, Students, Teachers, Management Consultants, HR Professionals, IT professionals, as well as very distinguished and highly decorated officers from the Indian Army
– 20 Years In IT Industry , Reputed For Turning Around Troubled Projects

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Some Facts About Emotional Fitness Gym
- Interviewed & Featured in the news on Front Page by Times Of India - Pune Times dated 18th October, 2013 -
- Interviewed & Featured in the news by Mid - Day dated 27th September, 2013 - & again on 10-Jul-2014 -
- Interviewed & Featured by MJ Shubhra on 94.3 Radio One -
- 66 workshops conducted (as of Nov-2014)
- Based on principles of Scientifically Researched & Proven field of NeuroScience and NeuroPlasticity

Why People Must Attend This Full 1 Day Workshop?
1) To learn how to develop immunity against Emotional Viruses
2) To PHENOMENALLY IMPROVE Your responses to challenging circumstances
3) To FOCUS on Your GOALS
4) To develop and retain PEAK ENERGY levels for Your BEST PERFORMANCE
5) To bring about long lasting Personal Transformation leading to happier and more fulfilling personal as well as professional life
6) To help alleviate biological symptoms (like BP, diabetes, asthama)
7) To get a Preview into some of the MOST POWERFUL tools of subconscious mind power
8) To experience exercises, activities and content NOT available in any other training

Organizational Benefits
- Better team & organizational results – job performance, decision making, creativity, employee turnover, teamwork, negotiations, leadership
- Improved productivity & efficiency.
- Improved Collaboration & Reduced Conflict.
- Develop a emotionally healthier work environment.
- Reduced stress levels & Better work life balance.

Personal Benefits
- Energized & fitter mind and body.
- Improved relations with self and others.
- Feel good about yourself & others.
- Balanced emotional state of mind.
- General sense of happiness & well-being leading to better health.
- Negative emotions like anger, frustration, irritation reduced or even eliminated.

Why Choose This Workshop?
- Offers the next step after awareness!
- Brings about a transformation at a conscious as well as sub-conscious level.
- Offers high impact, results oriented, realistic & relevant methodology.
- Receive practical tools & techniques to take away with you.
- Be involved all day. Technique based.

Who Should Attend?
- Senior Management – MD, CxO, VP, Head of Department
- HR Professionals at all levels
- Sales Professionals at all levels
- Managers & Senior Managers
- Employees at all levels
- Business Owners, Professionals
- Trainers, Teachers, Coaches/Counselors/Therapists, Students
- Social workers, Health/Sports Professionals

What is Emotional Fitness Gym ?
Emotions can be considered just like muscles in the body. The muscles which you exercise more will develop more strength, and more endurance. The ones you don't exercise, could shrivel if not under-develop.

At the Emotional Fitness Gym you learn
- how to reduce tension at a BIOLOGICAL level INSTANTLY
- how to adapt your thoughts, beliefs and thinking process to serve a much more USEFUL and BENEFICIAL purpose
- how to initiate desired changes into your personality and your life at a SUBCONSCIOUS level
- how to generate a NEW SELF IMAGE

To know more about Emotional Fitness Gym

- Watch Presentation on my website -
- Read my blog posts

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to:
- Master tools to regulate & gain control of one’s own emotions.
- Have a positive influence on the emotion & motivation of others.
- Learn to handle your emotional triggers.
- Apply tools to increase personal skills - self awareness & self management of personal emotions to boost productivity & accomplishment.
- Use the concepts & techniques in the workplace.
- Monitor & adapt your own emotions for the benefit of yourself, your team & department.
- Be able to use practical techniques in work-related applications including communication, leadership, management, coaching, working with others, sales, customer service & supervision.

Program Flow For The Entire Workshop

1. Introduction – Emotional Fitness Gym

2. Neurally Inspired Exercises Targeting Your Brains Area For
- Synchronizing your Mind Body rhythm
- Negative Emotions
- Positive Emotions

3. Cognitive Re-Appraisal To Identify & Modulate Your Beliefs
- Write your story
- Structured Analysis Of Your Thoughts, Ideas & Beliefs From Your Story
- Identify & Modulate Your Beliefs.
- Re-write Your Story.

4. Anatomy of Anger.

5. Guided Visualization To Generate A New Self Image.

OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL RESOURCES JUST FOR YOU TO TAKE BACK - Ensure You Continue To Remain At Peak Performance Even After The Workshop Is Over.

1.Proprietary Audio CD with all the visualization exercises
2.Set of Proprietary Audio CDs (3 numbers)

N B : Audio / Video recording of the session is strictly not allowed

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
I.    These terms & conditions are about delivering value and about increasing transparency in our relationship so that you can make the best choices for you.

II.    The full payment of covers the cost of following:
    a.    Your attendance for the training program
    b.    Refreshments as per the course advertisement

III.    Course participant’s commitment
    a.    Course participant will pay in full, by the payment due date, for courses they have booked
    b.    Course participant will pro-actively and with an open mind participate in their training

IV.    Payment
    a.    International & remote payments are required to be made in full at the time of registration
    b.    For in-person payments, a minimum non-refundable deposit for an amount announced for each course individually, is required when making a booking for the full course
    c.    Full payment is due 15 days prior to start of the booked course
    d.    In case of any special discounts offered, FULL payment MUST be made within 24 HOURS of booking your seat else the discount offer will be withdrawn

V.    Attendance
    a.    It is the responsibility of the course participant to attend courses on which they are booked
    b.    Should the participant miss out on their attendance during the training, they will not be eligible for any refund.

VI.    Cancellations & Refunds
    a.    Option for cancellations & refunds is not available
    b.    Alternatively, you may transfer to a later program or provide a substitute delegate at the sole discretion of 5th Element and will attract fees which will be decided on a case to case basis. Requests for the same MUST be made in written communication.

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