AngularJS|18-19 July 2015 | Gurgaon

AngularJS|18-19 July 2015 | Gurgaon


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About The Event

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to AngularJS. Nice, full featured training, covering the essentials of working with AngularJS in large scale app.

Programme and Course Overview

This workshop is aimed at being a hands-on introduction to AngularJS, allowing developers to get familiar with the technology and understand how to build large scale applications using it.

The topics that will be covered during the 2-day workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting started with AngularJS development;
  • AngularJS terminology;
  • Routing and Server Communication;
  • Building custom reusable HTML components;
  • Animation support;
  • Testing in AngularJS.

All these topics are covered by a presenation along with a hands-on code along workshop which highlights these aspects.

By the end of the training, developers should feel extremely comfortable developing applications in AngularJS, and understand when to use what pieces and how they all work together.

For this workshop it is important to bring your own laptop !

This laptop should have the follwing installed:
- Git
- NodeJS
- WebStorm if possible (30 day trial version available), or preferred IDE
- Following NodeJS packages (Express, Karma)

Target Group & Prerequisites:

This workshop is aimed at JavaScript developers and developers who are looking to get a head start on quickly developing fast, maintainable Single Page Applications in JS.

For this workshop you need:
- Basic JavaScript knowledge;
- Some understanding of Single Page Application structure.

Trainer :  Sunny Sharma


  • Working in Xebia as Consultant since September 2014.Earlier worked with Metadesign Solutions Pvt Ltd  and with Itaas -A Cognizant Company.
  • Currently engaged with a danish client in e-goverence industry to build their application with latest front end technology stack.
  • In past engaged with a one of the biggest video giant of US  Time Warner Cable in order to build the browser based TV application for Home Automation for handling the home devices with the TV app.
  • Worked in domain of Publishing, where we build an web application as per the client requirement for Ipad for their sales team.
  • Worked on the CRM based project for Australian giant Common Wealth Bank of Australia.
  • Have conducted and attended various front end engineering trainings at Xebia, Itaas-A Cognizant Company,  and at Metadesign Solutions.
  • Qualified as Bachelors of Mathematical Sciences from Delhi University(68%).
  • Masters of Computer Applications from I.P. University (78%).


Building Web Apps and Prototypes using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular-UI, jQuery, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Twitter Bootstrap, JMVC, KnockoutJS.


  • Software Craftsmanship – Software Design Patterns (MVC, MVVM, MVW), Test Driven Development (FuncUnit, JUnit, Jasmine)
  • Technologies – Javascript, Jquery,  HTML5 , CSS3, Frameworks of JS such as AngularJS, KnockoutJS, JMVC,JqueryMobile . Templating libraries like UnderscoreJS HandleBarsJS etc.
  • Code Analysis & Performance Optimization: Application health check, code & architecture health check, emphasis on heap and thread dump analysis, memory management for domain specific application.


  • Bachelors of Mathematical Sciences from Delhi University(68%)
  • Masters of Computer Applications from I.P. University (78%)


  • Current project with Danish client in e-commerce  industry (Medarbejder Organisation):

This client provides a web application to the municipal corporation and is generally used by the government employees in order to view/manage the records of employee.

For this to happen, the application is built using latest technology stack. We are writing the application using HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular-UI, Twitter Bootstrap and using modern front end tool chain like Bower, NPM, Karma, Grunt, Gradle  etc for packaging and testing the application.

  • Last project Human Inference (Master Data Management):

Has worked on building Angular.js based GUI in Angular.js as per the requirement. Worked on modules, mainly added interceptor also worked on automation of the build with help of grunt and bower.


  • Web based TV App Intelligent Home:

Individually worked on creating a security home solution based out in US. It describe s the handling of various home system such as lights, thermostats, cameras and security sensors. This application is tend to build for smart TV’s which has dedicated browser support within them.

  • CRM for Common Wealth Bank of Australia:

Its the RCA,where we are building this application for the client where his employees can use this application  internally,  kind of we replicated the famous into one of our module as library also we implemented internal comments system where a employee can comment on particulars work , move files etc. .

  • Web based Application on IPad for Sales Management:

This application is for the Atex publishing house which uses this application for the distribution of the newspapers to various clients, This application is for field sales representatives who uses this application to book new orders new advertisments. This application is the replica for the inhouse CRM application built on adobe flex.

  • Convert IPhone app To Web App:

Successfully converted the ipone/ipad app of a client into the web app as per the client’s requirement. Supported all major browser’s, Use of responsive templates in order to support the various resolutions. Added the extra features of the memory game, small game made via jquery/javascript in which user has to map 2 similar images out of a matrix of images. Added the quiz into the same web app.

  • Web App for children in for of Book Templates:

Converting book templates into the Web pages and after completing the chapter, convert that chapter in a form of a web app. Supported all major browser’s, Use of responsive templates in order to support the various resolutions.

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