Angamardana, Powai, 4 - 8 Dec 2017

Angamardana, Powai, 4 - 8 Dec 2017


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About The Event

Learn Angamardana - The Peak of Physical Fitness 

The word “Angamardana” means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body. True to its name, this practice revitalizes all the systems of the body including the muscular system, skeletal structure, nervous system, circulatory system and respiratory system. 

It offers to everyone the opportunity to invigorate the body and to reach peak physical fitness.

The advanced form of Angamardana is still being practiced by Martial Arts Experts. Sadhguru has designed Angamardana with a series for 31 dynamic processes to be of universal appeal and application, Isha Angamardana needs no fitness equipment. It involves only the body and floor exercises that can be practiced anywhere, even during travel.

True to its name, Regular practice would: 

>Revitalizes the body on all levels including the muscles, blood circulation, skeletal structure,nervous systems. 

>It strengthens the spine, builds physical strength fitness and tenacity. 

>It brings a sense of lightness and freedom. 

>Aids in weight loss and body toning.

>Increases body and mind coordination. 

>Regularizes Sleep. 

Watch Introduction video to Angamar

Contact: Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers [Manohar(9870327478) / Arvind(9819590098)] if you have any further queries.

Terms & Conditions

1 Please maintain the empty stomach condition which means

Full meal - 4 hours gap

Snack (if skipped a meal) - 2 1/2 hours

Beverage(Tea, coffee) - 1 1/2 hours gap. Water is OK (you can add very little honey or fresh lemon to water if you want)

2 People with Hernia should not practise Angamardana. Even if they had any hernia issue in the past and there is no such issue at present, it is better they consult a doctor before they enroll. 

3 Pregnant women and people with serious back diseases should not practise  Angamardana 

 4 People with following conditions should consult a doctor before practicing Angamardana

Back, neck, leg or hip problems


Artificial joint replacement

Recent surgeries (6 months)

Hernia in the past 

5 Please carry your own yoga mat. 

6 Age limit – 14 and above

7. Please wear clothes that are loosely fitted. If they are made of organic cotton then it will be very good for the practices that you will be learning.

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