Book Online Tickets for Android Apps Development Certificate Cou, Kolkata.  Topic covered1 OOPS Concepts in Java • Classes & Objects • Inheritance • Polymorphism • Interface • Abstract Class2 Oops Concepts in Java (contd.) • Exception Handling • Collection Framework SQL • DML

Android Apps Development Certificate Course


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 Topic covered
1 OOPS Concepts in Java
• Classes & Objects
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Interface
• Abstract Class
2 Oops Concepts in Java (contd.)
• Exception Handling
• Collection Framework
• DML & DDL Queries in brief
Basic Concept in Android
• Installing Android Studio
• Your first android application
• Brief Background about mobile technologies
• What is Android?
• Android SDK
• Android Architecture
• An Overview of XML
• The Anatomy of an Android Application: The APK File
• Android Project Framework
• Android Application Components
• Introduction to AndroidManifest.xml
Android Main Building Blocks
• Activities and task
• Activity Life Cycle
• Components and android Layouts
• Views and Android Life Cycles
• Resources and its accessing in Android
• User Interaction in Android (adding of two number program)
3 Android UI designing
• XML versus Java UI
• Android View Hierarchies
• Using Common UI Elements (Button, TextView, EditText, ImageButton, CheckBox, ToggleButton, RadioButton, RadioGroup, ProgressBar)
• Auto complete text View
• Defining Screen Layouts: Using XML
• RelativeLayout,TableLayout, FrameLayout, LinearLayout, ScrollView
• Nested layouts
• Drawable Resources
• Resolution & density Independence (px,dip dp, sip, sp)
Adding Interactivity: Handling UI Events
• An Overview of UI Events in Android
• Handling onClick Events
• Creating a splash screen
• Android Touchscreen Events: onTouch
• Touchscreen’s Right-Click
Equivalent: onLongClick
• Keyboard Event Listeners: onKeyUp and onKeyDown
Adapting to display orientation
• Detecting orientation changes
Communicating Between Activities
• What Is an Intent?
• Android Intent Messaging via Intent Objects
• Intent Resolution: Implicit Intents & Explicit Intents
• Using Intents with Activities
4 Adding Dialogs
• Displaying an Dialog
• ListView and ListActivity
• Picker Views (TimePicker, DatetePicker)
• Displaying images with
Gallery, ImageSwitcher, GridView, and ImageView views
Multimedia Programming using
• Multimedia audio formats - Creating and Playing
• Multimedia audio formats –
Kill /Releasing(Memory Mgmt)
• How to associate audio in any application
• How to associate video playback with an event
• Using Camera
Data Persistence with Android Phones
• Managing Shared Preferences
• File I/O
5 Working in Background – The Services
• Introduction to Services
• Create a service that runs in the background - Using Background Worker Threads
• Perform long-running tasks in a separate thread
• Perform repeated tasks in a service
• Communication between activity and service
• Notification Manager
• Pending Intent
• Notifications (Show and Cancel)
• Alarms
• Broadcast Receivers
• Custom Toast
6 Messaging and networking
• Send SMS messages using the built-in Messaging application
• Receiving incoming SMS messages
• Send e-mail messages from your application
Maps, Geocoding, and Location-Based Services
• Obtaining the Maps API Key
• Displaying the Map
• Displaying Zoom Control
• Programmatically Zooming in or out of the map
• Changing Views
• Navigation the Map to display a Specific Location
• Adding Markers to the Maps
• Getting the location that was touched
Tabs and TabActivity
7 SQLite Programming
• Introducing SQLite
• SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
• Opening and closing a database
• Working with cursors – Inserts, updates, and deletes
• Develop your own custom made Web browser
• How to use WebView object in XML
• Permission for using the Internet
• Methods for associate with ‘Go’, ‘Back’, ‘Forward’ etc.
8 Project
9 Submission of Project
10 Evaluation & Completion

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