Amateur Photography Workshop

Amateur Photography Workshop


  • Photography Workshoop

    Anybody interested in mastering their camera and the basics of digital photography can attend the workshop.

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About The Event

If you're a neophyte-shutterbug foxed by technical jargon; if you've just got a camera and want to fully exploit its creative possibilities; if you've been using a camera for some time and are not satisfied with the kind of pictures you're taking; if you want to leave the auto mode behind, unleash your imagination and make images that outlast you, the Basics of Photography Workshop is for you. Ready to wrap your head around shutter speeds, apertures, and shooting modes?
Delving into both the art and the science of photography from the grassroots, this Workshop will demystify the subject completely and help you make the camera an extension of your body and mind, so matters of exposure, focusing and metering don't come in your way when you wish to translate your glorious vision to an unforgettable picture.
Dedicated to achieving all this is our illustrious team of professional photographers who are not only passionate about the art, but also about teaching it! Employing highly simplified content, a friendly delivery style and plenty of practical exercises, they ensure you leave the Workshop well-trained, transformed and empowered to wield the camera like a wand.

Agenda Day 1
• 15 Mins – “The Art of Photography” We cover photography as an art from. We go a bit into the history of photography.
• 15 Mins – “How does a Camera Work?” Basics of how a camera works. We Learn about Pin Hole Cameras. We learn about lens and their Design.
• 60 Mins – “Finding the correct settings” ISO, F Stops, Focal Length, Shutter Speed, DOF, White Balance
• 60 Mins – “Understanding Exposure” What is Exposure? How does ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed affect Exposure. Histograms and understanding them. Exposure Compensation.
• 60 Mins – “Composition” How to frame your shots for better photography.
• 60 Mins – “Selecting/Buying a camera + Equipment Guide” Cards, Cameras, Filters, Tripods, Flashes, Bags Etc.
• 60 Mins - Q&A

Agenda Day 2
• 45 Mins – “Critique of Photographs” Each participant shall click a picture the previous day and we shall go through them to see what worked and what did not and how to improve them.
• 75 Mins – “Post Processing and Photo Retouching” Photoshop, Editing Pictures, Color Grading
• 45 Mins - Specialized Lesson: Time Lapse Photography
• 45 Mins - Specialized Lesson: Light Painting
• 45 Mins - Specialized Lesson: Trick Photography 
• 45 Mins - Specialized Lesson: Macro Photography 
• 60 Mins - Q&A

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