Alter Figo Kresyndo a.k.a AFK launches Bollywood Nights

Alter Figo Kresyndo a.k.a AFK launches Bollywood Nights


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About The Event

AFK is launching their first Bollywood Night this friday. All you Desi Music fans, get ready for all the matkas and the zhatkas with Pune's very own DJ Sonu. 
Day: Friday, 8th July 2016
Time: 9 pm onwards

About DJ Sonu:
Avneet Sawhney a.k.a. DJ Sonu showed a penchant for music from a very young age. As one of the more well known faces
in Pune’s DJ circuit, his style can be best described as Rock and Retro. He also plays some EDM and Bollywood.
Furthermore, he has also created his own mixes and tracks that seem to be catching on at a quick pace. 
He has been playing his way into people’s hearts for Over 15 years now (Since 1998) to which most night spots in pune
have been a witness to . And just like the Pied Piper, his flute seems to be getting more melodious with time.

About AFK:

AFK is the newest, dandiest, happening run-of-the-mill pub in town spread across 3600 sq. ft in Nagar Road, Pune. It is centrally located in Yerwada, near the Pune Airport and inside the spacious Nyati Unitree complex.

With a special affinity for service and good-times, AFK has a beautiful stage to host incredibly awesome events and performances by talented artistes for the audience. Add to that a dash of our great ambiance, 'feet tapping-groove along' music, the range of unique food items, splashed liberally with a variety of hard-knocks cocktails and drinks, and you are ready with a recipe for the most memorable experience of your life. 

The Alter Figo Kresyndo is not your regular, run-of-the-mill pub in town. It is a place where you can let yourself loose, say goodbye to the day’s fatigue, enjoy with your buddies to your heart’s content while not having to pull your socks up, witness events and musical extravaganzas along with delicious munchies and drinks to pep up your mood. The beautiful designs of geometrical shapes and quirky, customized lights make the experience more enriching. Be it corporate meetings, birthday bashes or ‘catching up’ with friends, just pay us a visit and you’ll not return sober – we’ll ensure that!

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