Air Safari by Flyboy Aviation-  26th  June

Air Safari by Flyboy Aviation- 26th June


  • Kitty Hawk Entry Morning 6-8 kms

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 3000
    Sold Out
  • Fly yourself Entry Morning 12-15 kms

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 5000
    Sold Out
  • Explorer Entry Morning 20-24 kms

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 7000
    Sold Out
  • Kitty Hawk Entry Evening 6-8 kms

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 3800
    Sold Out
  • Fly yourself Entry Evening 12-15 kms

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 5800
    Sold Out
  • Explorer Entry Evening 20-24 kms

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 7800
    Sold Out

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About The Event

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci.

Turning this dream of the mankind to fly and sore the heights of the sky like a bird is what the Flyboy Aviation has been indulging in for several years now. Organized with the Motto “Why be grounded when you can FLY!” the Flyboy Aviation is organizing a training program where it would enable people to learn the art of paramotoring. Established in 2008 with operations based out of Gurgaon, Flyboy Aviation is literally an entrepreneur’s passion taking wings.

Experience the thrill Air Safari with Flyboy Aviation:

Now the freedom to fly high has become a dream come true for everyone with the most affordable and easy training services that are being organized this year. It is the ultimate opportunity that you have always longed for where you can glide through the blue sky and raise your spirits as the ultimate surreal adventure experience 500 feet above the ground amidst the clouds is now a reality.

It is the latest development in ultra light air sports with a backpack-style ultra light aircraft-engine attached with a standard Paraglider wing where the participants would get to enjoy the scenic beauty from a bird’s eye view guided by extremely skilled pilots.

In other words, it is the easiest, quickest and simplest way to be airborne, explore any area at will and enjoy the mesmerizing beauties, which have so far been an exclusive domain of the birds.

What's more? By registering now you can enjoy privileged packages on the numerous rides like Kitty Hawk, Fly Hawk, Explorer, etc., as we have our special summer madness promotion running flight in the month of May and June.

So if you are ready to defy gravity while try out this addictive sport of paramotoring, and experience the thrill of Air Safari.

Training details of the workshops offered by Flyboy Aviation:


Flight Name

Distance Covered

Regular Price

Summer Madness Promotion




Kitty Hawk

6 - 8 km




Fly Yourself

12 - 15 km





20 - 24 km




The timings of the flights are as follows:



0500 hrs

1800 hrs

0530 hrs

1830 hrs

0600 hrs

1900 hrs

0630 hrs

1930 hrs

0700 hrs


0730 hrs


So, hurry and grab the opportunity and Gift yourself and your loved ones the joy of flying this year with the Flyboy Aviation.


Celebrity takes a flight with Flyboy Aviation



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