Book Online Tickets for AIOUG-North India Chapter (Cloud Day) @ , Gurugram.  AIOUG-NIC (Cloud Day)
Date & Venue: Nov 11th, 2017 @ Fidelity Gurugram
Key Speaker: Vivek Sharma & Amardeep Sidhu
Speaker\'s Profile:- 
Vivek Sharma is a Technologist with Oracle Core Technology & Cloud Team at Asia Paci

AIOUG-North India Chapter (Cloud Day) @ Fidelity Gurugram


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About The Event

 AIOUG-NIC (Cloud Day)


Date & Venue: Nov 11th, 2017 @ Fidelity Gurugram

Key Speaker: Vivek Sharma & Amardeep Sidhu

Speaker's Profile:- 

Vivek Sharma is a Technologist with Oracle Core Technology & Cloud Team at Asia Pacific. Vivek has over 20 years experience working on Database Architecture, Consulting and Performance Optimization. Vivek utilizes this experience to support Oracle’s key customers with some of the most critical and challenging performance problems when it comes to the Oracle Database. As an Oracle Database Expert, Vivek spends most of his time assisting the customers to get best out of their Oracle Systems and Database Investment. He assists customers across Asia Pacific on various systems including SPARC, x86 and Oracle Engineered systems such as Exadata. His core area of expertise includes Performance Optimization of Oracle Database and the Applications atop Oracle Database. Working closely with Oracle’s Engineering Teams, Vivek also regularly brings Customer Experiences and Issues from the field to the Engineers that design and create Oracle Technologies. He plays an all-important role as a bridge between Oracle Customers and Engineers as part of the EEE program. Outside of speaking at events, Vivek also contributes articles through his blog and OTN such as “Bitmap vs. BTree – Which and When?”. 


Speaker's Profile:-

Amardeep Sidhu works with Advanced Customer Support group of Oracle India. The major job responsibilities include providing physical support and on call consultancy to various customers in India including Aircel, MTS, Punjab National Bank, Bharti Telecom and many others. The areas of support include implementing multi node RAC setups, Performance Tuning of highly critical databases to meet business SLAs, setting up GoldenGate for migrating/upgrading databases and MIS purposes, deploying and optimizing Exadata systems. He is also a member of the team responsible for Engineered Systems deployments in India and APAC region.


Oracle Database In-Memory

Today’s information architecture is much more Dynamic than it was just a few years ago. Business users now demand more decision-enabling information, sooner. With competitive market, business decision based on day-1 data is now not at all acceptable. Due to this Demand, IT department is either forced to refresh the Analytical Data Warehouse at a regular interval, which could be in few hours or are forced to run Analytical Queries on their Operational Systems. Both of these approaches have their own challenges. Refreshing every few hour means, the Data Warehouse is down for the duration of the time of refresh – again unacceptable. Running Analytical queries on operational system means a kind of a balancing act between Transactional Workloads and Reporting style queries that scan large amount of data. 

Oracle Database In-Memory addresses these challenges. A Single database can now efficiently support mixed workloads, delivering optimal performance for transactions while providing real-time decision-enabling reports to the Business Users.

In this session, we will walk through the capabilities of Oracle In-Memory Database with few examples. This technical challenges will provide you the insight of the challenges discussed and how in-memory addresses it without much of the configuration changes.


Oracle IaaS & PaaS

Enterprise Customers are moving their databases to Cloud. As per Forrester, around 43% of the global data and analytics decision makers say their companies will increase their data management investments in the Public Cloud by 5% to 10% over last year’s deployment. However, Large Enterprise Customer are also worried about the challenges related to moving their enterprise data to cloud due to various reasons like – Application Level Changes, Networking Changes, Data Security and Performance. Oracle Cloud provides customer with various choices to ensure seamless migration of enterprise workload to cloud.

This session will walk you through Oracle IaaS and PaaS options and the differentiating factors as compared to other Cloud Service Providers.


Indexing Myth! 

Indexing Myth! - by Vivek Sharma Understanding the proper application of each index can have a big impact on performance.



An 18 pointers guide to setting up an Exadata machine 


In this presentation we will discuss 18 things that should be taken care of while setting up a new Exadata machine. It can help you optimize the performance, save the rework in future and streamline your maintenance work. We will discuss things that you need to take care of while filling in the details in OEDA and the configuration changes that you make after the machine has been deployed. 


Topic Name



09:00 to 9:30


09:30  to 11:30

18 pointers guide to setting up an Exadata machine

11:30 to 12:30

Tea Break

12:30  to 12:45

Oracle Database In-Memory

12:45  to 14:30


14:30  to 15:00

Indexing Myth

15:00  to 16:00

Future of an Oracle DBA

16:00  to 17:00

Tea Break & Wrap-Up

17:15  to 17:30





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