Book Online Tickets for ALL INDIA MSME WORLD EXPO (AIMWE) 2018 -, Secunderab. ALL INDIA MSME WORLD EXPO (AIMWE) is an B2B and B2C expo cum conference for Msme\'s to promote, launch, identify dealers, franchisees for&nb



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About The Event

ALL INDIA MSME WORLD EXPO (AIMWE) is an B2B and B2C expo cum conference for Msme's to promote, launch, identify dealers, franchisees for their products and services in Hyderabad and Telangana.

ALL INDIA MSME WORLD EXPO (AIMWE) 2018 is a multi-sectorial event where companies can display their large profile of products targeting the immense trading potential visitors. 

The exhibition is an ideal platform for your company to meet and create new trading relationships to help build additional revenue streams to grow and expand your business.


1) To maximize trade and market shares  

2) To provide opportunities for Businesses to connect with consumers.

3) Create a world- class conference and exhibition that will deliver new business conversation and topics  as well as open lead. 

4) Create a hub for all issues related to the industry.


Business/Software Companies, Building Materials, Innovation & New Technology, Digital Technology, E-Commerce, Hardware & Tools, Consumer Goods, Trade Services, Automotive industry and components suppliers, Construction Machinery, Printing Machinery, Chemical Industry, Materials Handling Industry, Plastic and rubber machinery, wind power Industry, Food Processing and packaging Industry, Electrical & Electronics industry, Food and beverage industry, Woodworking Machinery Printing Machinery, Electronics. 


B2B Meetings - Pre-arranged meetings with sponsors, investors and potential business partners offering opportunities to find new partners and qualified sales leads.

B2C Platform - In addition to meeting new partners and securing new businesses, AIMWE is an excellent platform where you can sell your product directly to the consumer. 


1) EXHIBITION: The incredible diversity of exhibitors and attendees, coupled with the networking opportunities that the Expo will provide, will ensure that you are able to connect with your future business partners

2) SHOW YOUR STARTUP: Start-up Companies will get opportunity to pitch in front of Sponsors, Investors and Potential Business Partners offering opportunities to find new partners and qualified investments & sales leads.

3) IDEA PITCH: IDEA Pitch, enables entrepreneurs to meet our team and have the opportunity to pitch their high-tech idea or startup. 

4) WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS: A two-day workshop and seminar programme allowing you the opportunity to expand your presence at the Expo and provide in -depth content to inform buyers about your trading opportunities. 


Suppliers / Distributors, Service Providers , Import / Export, Government, Wholesalers, Retailers, Corporate Clients, Trade Agents, Consumers, General public, Media officials, Buyers & Sourcing personnel, CEOs/ Decision Makers, NGOs/CSR Officers ETC. 

For more information visit our website: 

FOR STALL BOOKING CONTACT: 8885026600 | 9391039021 | 9010524899 Or Email us at

MSME & Entrepreneurship Development Organisation, 16 A, R and D Colony, Kakaguda, Karkhana, Secunderabad - 500 015

Terms & Conditions




Organizer: Msme and Entrepreneurship Development Organisation,

16 A, R and D Colony, Kakaguda, Karkhana, Secunderabad.  – 500 015

Tel: 040 – 48522844; Mobile: 8885026600 / 9391039021 / 9010524899


Venue: NSIC, Kamalanagar, ECIL, Hyderabad India.

Hours of Exhibition: 1000 hrs – 1930 hrs

Exhibitor: Any Company / Organisation participating in All India Msme World Expo 2018

Exhibition: All India Msme World Expo 2018 – Creating Opportunities

Exhibitor Eligibility: Any Indian Company / Organisation


1) Space Rent and Basic Condition for participation:


a. Built‐up Indoor Space: The organizer will provide built‐up modular stalls of international specifications for exhibitors. Each stall will have Basic Furniture, Spot lights, Electric plug points (5/15 Amps) single phase with  electricity, Fascia with Company Name,  General Security and Conservancy


b. The prospective exhibitor should apply on the Exhibition Space booking form, together with payment. Allotment will be on “first‐come‐first‐ served basis” subject to receipt of all payments. All payments should be made by Demand Draft / Cheque  payable to Msme and Entrepreneurship Development Organisation.


c. The organizer reserves the right to reallocate space, change the layout, add or delete corridors as shown in the printed space plan which may affect the orientation of some exhibitors. The organizer’s decision will be final in such matters.


2) Cancellation – Refund of Space Rent: In the event of cancellation of exhibition space by the exhibitor, the following rates of refund will be applicable. The Security Deposit will be refunded as a whole.





Before 1st Jan 2018

60% of the total space rent

Between 1st Jan 2018  – 15th Jan 2018

25% of the total space rent

16th Jan 2018 onwards

No Refunds



3) Terms of payment: 25% advance on the invoice value along with the space booking forms. Balance 75% payment within 15 days or before 15/01/2018 whichever is earlier after confirmation by the organizer. Full payment should be before 15/01/2018.


4) Organizer shall reserve the right to refuse participation by the exhibitor. Bookings from 15th January 2018 should be with full payment.


5) GST as applicable and any other Taxes / Levies as applicable.


6) Additional Electricity Charges (Single Phase / Three Phases): Permanent Load Charges – Rate per KW is Rs 1000 per day. The above charge excludes service & cess tax and includes the wiring up to the Main Switch Board provided in the stall. Drawing power from the main supply points to the respective machines will have to be carried out by the participants themselves through licensed electrical contractors at their own cost.


7) Damages: Exhibitor will be responsible for all damages caused incurred during setting up and / or exhibition period and / or dismantling period at the exhibition venue.


8) Indoor Built‐up stall will have the Standard Fascia with company name (Octanorm Structure). The same cannot be dismantled under any circumstances.


9) Sale of Exhibits: Removal of any exhibit during the Exhibition period is prohibited. Negotiation for sale, however, may be conducted.


10) The organizer shall appoint an official agent for handling, clearing and forwarding exhibits. The exhibitors are required to contact the agent directly for utilizing their services. No other / handling agent will be allowed to operate inside the venue.


11) No portable cooking equipment using charcoal, wood charcoal, gas, propane or butane or any other substance which leads to fire hazard be used inside the exhibition hall. Only electrical cooking appliances and sterno hot plates are permitted for any demonstration.


12) Insurance: Against all ascertainable risks from transportation to display and removal should be done by the Exhibitor at his own cost. The organizer will be no way responsible.


13) Photograph: The organizer retains the right to photograph or video tape any exhibit for their use.


14) Settlement of Charges: Any and all expenses chargeable to an exhibitor must be settled before the close of the exhibition to ensure smooth removal of goods from the exhibition site.


15) Not Transferable: You cannot sell, assign, rent, sublease, transfer, trade or share any part of the exhibit area provided to you with any other company, person or organisation. In short, no subletting will be entertained.


16) Show Hours: Exhibitors will be allowed to enter the venue one hour before opening and must leave at least half hour after closing for security reasons.


17) No exhibitor will be permitted to exhibit unless he has paid prior to the exhibition all fees agreed to.


18) Exhibitors are expected to comply with any building regulations and ground regulations and all Government rules and regulations.


19) Rights of an exhibitor shall not be assignable to other firm or person & no exhibitor may assign his space, or sublet the whole or any part of the space contracted for.


20) Attendance hours shall be controlled solely by the organizer who will specify hours etc., and admission shall be by ticket, invitation or badge.


21) No exhibitor will be allowed to remove his exhibits from the exhibition prior to the official termination of the exhibition and the exhibitor shall have an official representative present at the exhibition throughout the exhibition period and during the installation and dismantling of his exhibits.


22) The organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage by fire or injury of any nature to any person or article. Security will be on duty, day and night, but the organizer, while taking precautions against loss, will not guarantee against it and it is hereby expressly released from any liabilities for injury, theft or damage there from.


23) The organizer will not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting from acts of war, civil commotion, strikes, lockouts, invasion, regulations, natural calamities, military activity or any other circumstances which shall make it impossible or inadvisable for the organizers to hold the exhibition at the time and place provided, organizer reserve the right to re‐schedule the exhibition to a later date and / or at an alternative venue.


24) The organizer is not responsible for any loss, damage or delay incurred in freight shipments (transport handling and clearing) into and out of the state in which the exhibition is held. Exhibitors are urged to adequately insure all shipments.


25) Detailed Exhibition Manual: The organizer will send the detailed exhibition manual with more information on the exhibition rules and regulations. The exhibitor will have to follow all guidelines and rules given in the manual.

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