AI Braindump @ Midnight

AI Braindump @ Midnight


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About The Event

Adding a domain name with *.ai and doing “if-else”, will not take India anywhere. It is not pushing the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence. Let’s DREAM BIG and start BUILDING IT RIGHT NOW!! And where the F*** is India in this picture, baloney! Huh NO WAY! We haven’t lost the race yet.

Let’s talk about possibilities, and way we can contribute. India has got a ton of talent, but are we even contributing anything to the global scene.

Let’s Come together and bounce ideas on each other.

We’ll be talking about

1) Artificial Emotional Intelligence

2) Democratizing Machine Learning

3) And, Bots! Bots with actual Machine Intelligence, Semantics & understanding user engagement with bots.

And all this over some piping hot food and cola!


1) Tak Lo : Founder of, first AI/ML accelerator

2) Sachin Unni : Serial Entrepreneur. ML Guy

3) Yuhsuan Chao : CEO, Botimize

4) Pritesh Vora : COO,

5) Jerric : Cofounder at nucarbn

6) Rahul Vishwakarma : Co-Founder at Mate Labs

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