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Agile Mindset by Kamlesh Ravlani

Agile Meet up in Vadodara - 17th Oct,2015


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Agile Mindset by Kamlesh Ravlani

"You Don't Do Agile, You Be Agile" - If you've been in Agile field for a while, you would have already heard advice to Be Agile. Agile is not a process but values and principles. Agile is a mindset. More than your processes, your behavior indicates your mindset. How you handle failures, whether you focus on learning and growth, how you face complexity, and should eliminate or embrace uncertainty. In this session Kamlesh Ravlani will help us dissect the Agile mindset and it's key attributes.
Elevating Engagement by Kamlesh Ravlani
The one thing that all the employee engagement surveys agree on is that the Employee Engagement sucks :( Come join us in this session to learn strategies that are simple to implement and work universally. 
Irrespective of the culture and organizational position, exercise of authority and power fails to influence higher engagement particularly for the knowledge workers. Most traditional approaches to engagement need a lot of time, effort and financial resources. ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches on the other hand, are in different situation as they command no power and authority within the organization. Yet, they aspire and commit to missions such as creating highly collaborative, self-organizing and high performing teams, developing learning organizations, helping people change behaviors etc. Think about a team that simply won’t speak up, people who would always show up late to meetings, people who prefer to work from closed door offices, team members who prefer they can do anything but contribute on the team, architects who do not share the architecture details with anyone except the leaders. Oh Boy!! Many such behaviors that hinder teams and organizations from becoming truly Agile. In this session, we’ll discuss 6 simple, yet easy to implement strategies that anyone in the organization can apply to facilitate an environment to engage and provide a platform that employees can easily relate to, find safe to contribute, and remain deeply engaged.
Agile in practice by Adam Londero
Lessons learnt from experience of Agile – talking about some of findings from being part of, and leading Agile teams for last 7-8 years. Namely: ‘generalised specialist’ treating people fairly doesn’t mean treating people equally, pairing all of the time can be exhausting, the importance of clearing technical debt, focusing conversations on what isn’t needed, NFRs and monitoring
Agile Retrospective by Kamlesh Ravlani
At the heart of being adaptive, responsive and competitive is a culture of Continuous Improvement. Most leaders aspire and manipulate / pressurize teams to deliver more and more with less and less. The more they try the lesser they get. 
Retrospectives are a great tool for the teams to accomplish more. A disciplined way in the pursuit of more.
Kamlesh Ravlani will share the effective way of designing and facilitating the team retrospectives. You will participate in an activity to learn more about retrospectives. For those, experienced agile practitioners, we'll also take a step back and look at approaches beyond teams for your organization to benefit from retrospectives.
Towards the end, all attendees will participate in the Event Retrospective to secure the take-away and identify opportunities for improving such Agile Events.

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