Agile Estimating and Planning in Mumbai 7th Jun 2014

Agile Estimating and Planning in Mumbai 7th Jun 2014


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    Agile Estiamting and Planning

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About The Event

One of the most important aspects of agile development training is estimating and planning. Yes, these are important, even for agile software development. Although agile is a fluid and iterative process, that doesn't mean that planning doesn't have a place in its programming and project management.

Despite the many worthless plans that we've all seen—which may make us want to skip planning altogether—this Agile Estimating and Planning course will demonstrate that it's possible to create accurate project plans useful for programming testing—and projecting. Our Agile Estimating and Planning Training will teach you how to create practical, useful and reliable plans for your software development projects. If your teams view planning as something to be avoided, or your organization uses plans as something to hold against development teams, this popular estimating and planning course can help your company break both of those attitudes and cycles.

This class teaches participants new skills to use in creating improved plans for reliable decision-making. Participants leave with a solid understanding of, and experience with, agile release and iteration planning. Multiple approaches to estimating, including unit-less points and ideal time are demonstrated and participants will be taught four techniques for deriving estimates, including the popular Planning Poker® technique. Such techniques have been shown to increase estimation accuracy and these proven planning techniques dramatically increase any project’s chances of on-time completion.

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