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Project Management practitioner can use Agile values, principles and practices to manage changes, improve communication, reduce/optimize cost, increase efficiency, increase self-satisfaction and enhance value to customer and stake

Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)SM workshop by Adaptive Marketing


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About The Event

Aim of the Program

Project Management practitioner can use Agile values, principles and practices to manage changes, improve communication, reduce/optimize cost, increase efficiency, increase self-satisfaction and enhance value to customer and stakeholders.

The PMI-ACPSM validates a practitioner’s ability to understand and apply agile principles and practices on basic projects. The PMI-ACPSM demonstrates that a practitioner can select agile principles and practices as a project management approach based on the needs and demands of a specific project.

By earning the PMI-ACPSM, practitioners can:

· Demonstrate to employers their level of professionalism in agile practices of project management.

· Increase their professional versatility in project management tools and techniques.

· Show they have the capacity to lead basic teams using agile principles and practices by holding a certification that is more credible than existing offerings based only on exams or training.

Surveys have shown that a practitioners holding PMI-ACPSM credential earn 10% to 20% more compare to their peers.

Program Highlights

  • Case studies & exercises led delivery by successfulreal world practitioners makes learning actionable and applied
  • Learning made easy through innovation games
  • Hands-on exposure on agile practices during the workshop
Tangible Benefits
  • Increase practitioner’s expertise in project management tools and techniques using 14 template formats & metrics
  • Practitioners can lead basic Agile project teams
  • 21 hours of PDUs which is pre-requisite for ACPSM certification by PMI
  • Access to 500+ online practice test
Intangible Benefits
  • Fast track career path through skill building, and best in-class performance
  • Participants demonstrates professionalism in Agile practices
  • Ability to apply proven methodologies to implement, manage, and scale in core-engineering activities
  • Respond positively towards the changes in the organization
  • Amongst the earlier adopters of Agile in their Day to Day routine


Program Modules 



Ø  Agenda for 3 days workshop

Ø  What is ACP?

Ø  Where you stand?

Ø  Questions and Answers session


Ø  Agile Manifesto

Ø  Agile Framework

Ø  Agile Lifecycle

Ø  Agile Methodology


Ø  Scrum



Ø  Agile Communication

o   Communication concepts and management

o   Daily stand up meetings

o   Osmotic communication

o   Information radiator

o   Team space

o   Communication tools

o   Knowledge sharing



Ø  Agile Estimation

o   Relative sizing

o   Ideal days Vs. Story Point

o   Planning poker

o   Affinity estimation



Ø  Planning, Monitoring and Adopting

o   Retrospective

o   Task/Kanban boards

o   Time boxing

o   IterationRelease Planning

o   WIP limits

o   Burn down/up charts

o   Cumulative flow diagrams

o   Process tailoring

o   Project Scaling



Ø  Agile Analysis and Design

o   Product roadmap

o   User stories

o   Backlog

o   Story maps

o   Progressive elaboration

o   Wireframes

o   Chartering

o   Personas

o   Agile Modeling



Ø  Product Quality

o   Verification and validation

o   Test driven development

o   Definition of Done

o   Continuous Integration

o   Refactoring


Ø  Soft Skills Negotiation

o   Emotional Intelligence

o   Collaboration

o   Adaptive and Servant leadership

o   Negotiation

o   Conflict resolution

o   Servant Leadership

o   Shu-Ha-Ri

o   Coaching and mentoring technique


Day 3: 


Ø  Value-based prioritization

o   ROI: Return on Investment

o   NPV: Net present value

o   IRR: Internal rate of return

o   Customer-valued prioritization

o   MMF: Minimum marketable feature

o   Relative ranking/prioritization

Ø  Risk Management

o   Risk adjusted backlog

o   Risk burn down graphs

o   Risk-based spikes



Ø  Metrics

o   Velocity cycle time

o   EVM: Earn value management

o   Escaped defects

o   Impediments removed

o   Enhance productivity

Ø  Value stream Analysis

o   Value stream mapping

o   Lean Software Development

o   Lean Portfolio management

o   Lean Release planning



Ø  Vendor Management

Ø  Quality Standards

Ø  Team Motivation

Ø  Self-assessment

Ø  Contracting

Ø  Variance and trend analysis

Ø  Compliance

Ø  System thinking

Ø  Exam guide

o   Access to the 500+ online questions.

o   Access to features like PIN/UNPIN, save a test and Category based questions.

o   Simulation online test: 120 questions.

Ø  Access to the cheat sheet 

Program Faculty

All the members of our faculty are Agile Practitioner like Agile manager, Agile Product Owners, Agile Product Manager and Agile coach who have in-depth industry experience in the conception, migration and implementation of Agile in IT industry.

Ideal Audiences/Participants

Practitioners who are involved in practicing, adopting of Agile Practices in Project Management.  In nutshell, it is for the Project Management practitioners. However, it is also available for participants who are interested and new to Agile.

 Project Manager

Technical Leads

Development Team members

Testing Team members

Business Analyst

Product owners

Program Managers (optional)

Product Manager (optional)

Startup CEOs (optional)

Presales Consultant (optional)

Coaches (optional)

For further details, contact:

Mobile: 91- 9901871165


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