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About The Event

About the Event
Agile beyond IT: A workshop designed to help Non-IT departments to have a well structured and planned work environment.

Why Agile beyond IT?
The Agile beyond IT workshop is formulated with an aim to give a platform to the Non-IT dept. like Sales, Marketing, HR, Housekeeping, manufacturing, etc, where they find the same strategies equally effective when it comes to creating, trying out, and reaping the benefits of the new test and tries and handling the existing policies and procedures.

The individuals will learn to:

  • Visualize, manage and identify bottlenecks that slow down the overall system
  • Align your department to a common process model
  • Configure the Framework for your context
  • Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers
  • Support a Lean-Agile transformation in your enterprise
  • Eventually, increase throughput
  • how to use Kanban and workflow visualization to increase the flow of value

What's included in Training? 

  • How to ensure the flow of your work?
  • How to visualize work, current state, impediments?
  • How to identify bottlenecks?
  • How to transform into a highly productive, satisfying and enjoyable group learning events?
  • How to inject team-learning practices into your meetings?
  • How to create a culture of organizational learning?
  • How to socialize team-learning ideas throughout your company?
  • How to create the ability to rapidly identify and respond to change?
  • How to ensure team attains continuous improvement and continuous learning?
  • Case Studies

Who should attend? – This program is designed for all the departments irrespective of level and hierarchy like HR, Sales, Marketing, Consultants, Admin, Manufacturing, Finance, Purchase, Transport, Doctors, Designers, Trainers, Executives. 

Trainees will receive: 

  • The entire 1-day seminar
  • Thirty days of support by email after the class.
  • Study materials including forms, checklists, Agile-practice instructions.

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