Aerobotix Internship program

Aerobotix Internship program


  • 5 Days Registration Fee

    15th Dec to 19th Dec - 3 Hrs. Select the batch correctly

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 3500
    Sold Out
  • 10 Days Registration Fee

    15th to 19th and 22nd to 26th Dec - 3 hrs. Select the batch correctly

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 5500
    Sold Out
  • Basic Kit

    Either individual or in a group of 3 Max

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1500
    Sold Out

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About The Event

We Aerobotix-chennai offering hands-on internship program and also conduct workshop in Robotics, embedded system and aero-engineering for engineering students during semester holidays(December). The program is completely hands-on activity where you can explore many new things apart from your regular engineering.






Introduction to robotics and artificial intelligence
ï‚· Laws, types, form etc.
ï‚· Manual and autonomous controlled
ï‚· Introduction to microcontroller and microprocessor
ï‚· Introduction to embedded C
ï‚· Working with digital and analog I/O pins
ï‚· Interfacing and working with various sensors

Working with communication techniques like
ï‚· Serial communication
ï‚· IR communication
ï‚· DTMF based
ï‚· Pulse width modulation



Projects to be done
ï‚· Controlling the robot through serial communication
ï‚· Decoding the IR signal and using TV remote to control the robot and also all home appliances
ï‚· Decoding the DTMF signal and making a mobile controlled robot and using the same technique to control the home appliances


ï‚· Five days content + high end robotic application and project based on it
ï‚· Intro to servo motors and how to control it
ï‚· Introduction to walking and moving robots and DOF involved in it
ï‚· Programming and making a walking robot
ï‚· Different gait propagation techniques
ï‚· Learning about center of gravity and center of mass
ï‚· Introduction and working with pick and place robotic arm

And much more ….



Rs.3,500/- for five days (3hours per day)
Rs.5,500/- for ten days (3hours per day)




FREE Para-Gliding ticket to every participant which is happening during December 27-29/2014.


Kits to be purchased separately either individual or in a group (MAX 3 MEMBERS)


Kit content:
* Chassis-1
* Microcontroller platform-1
* L293d motor driver-1
* DTMF board-1
* IR remote -1
* BO DC motor-2
* Castor wheel-1
* Battery-as required
* Battery snapper-2
* USB cable-1


Its mandatory to bring one laptop per kit for programming.

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