Advanced SCM MasterClass - Mumbai

Advanced SCM MasterClass - Mumbai


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About The Event

On Behalf of Programic Asia and Supply Chain Education in Dallas, I would like to invite registrations for Advanced Strategic Supply Chain Management programme that gives you a solid foundation, along with hands-on insights and best practices to optimise your supply chain and sharpen your organisation's competitive advantage. Leading companies are constantly managing competing supply chain priorities. With finite resources, increasingly demanding customers and fierce competition, they must balance operational efficiency, perfect order delivery and supply chain flexibility. The cross functional and multi-dimensional nature of the supply chain makes it very difficult to manage and measure end-to-end processes and metrics to know where rapid intervention and improvement is needed to reduce costs and meet customer demand. The supply chain is characterized as having multiple suppliers, multiple systems generating multiple data and having multiple stakeholders. To make sense of it all, there needs to be a sharing of information with customers, business partners and other internal and external audiences.


Why This Programme?

Supply Chain Expertise
You'll develop genuine supply chain expertise based on a solid structural, conceptual and practical background. Apply out-of-the-box thinking to tackle strategic, tactical and operational issues in supply chain management.

High-level faculty 
You'll engage with our high-level faculty, Patrick Woods, former past president of ISM, USA. He is internationally recognized expert in Supply Chain Management and consults 200+ organizations globally. With Programic Asia, you're always in the right place for the best international training programme in Supply Chain Management.

Group power
You'll experience sessions that are highly interactive (case studies, discussions, etc.) to allow you to learn not only from the faculty, but also through the interaction and exchanges of experience between participants. You'll be sharing, learning and benefitting from the buzz of group energy.

16 Hours of CEU Credit
This is a certification programme which upon completion offers 16 hours of CEU credit.

Cutting Edge Course Benefits:-

  • Gain invaluable insight into the importance of supplier relaonships and discover how to negoate volume rebates.
  • Develop commodity strategies and contract language that drives value to your firms.
  • Create a value stream map that reduces and/or eliminates waste in your organizaon.
  • Build a learning organizaon where your staff will apply their entrepreneurial talents to supply management.
  • Enable a lean, best-in-class supply management organizaon.





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