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Microsoft Office ADVANCED EXCEL Workshop  GLORIOUS MINDMINE presents Two Days  Excel (Basic + Advanced) Workshop
Advanced Excel Course
Lesson 1: The Fundamentals
Starting Excel U

2 Days Basic + Advanced Excel Workshop


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About The Event


Microsoft Office ADVANCED EXCEL Workshop

GLORIOUS MINDMINE presents Two Days 
Excel (Basic + Advanced) Workshop


Advanced Excel Course



Lesson 1: The Fundamentals

Starting Excel
Understanding the Excel Program Screen
Understanding the Ribbon
Using the Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar
Using Keyboard Commands
Using Contextual Menus and the Mini Toolbar

Lesson 2: Worksheet Basics
Creating a New Workbook

Opening a Workbook
Navigating a Worksheet
Entering Labels
Entering Values
Selecting a Cell Range
Overview of Formulas and Using AutoSum
Entering Formulas
Using AutoFill
Understanding Absolute and Relative Cell References
Using Undo, Redo and repeat
Saving a Workbook
Previewing and Printing a Worksheet
Closing a Workbook

Lesson 3: Editing a Worksheet
Editing a Cell Content

Cutting Copying, and pasting Cells
Moving and Copying Cells Using the Mouse
Using the Office Clipboard
Using the paste special command
Checking Your Spelling
Inserting Cells, Rows and Columns
Deleting Cells Rows and Columns
Using Find and Replace
Using Cell Comments
Tracking Changes


Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet
Formatting Labels

Formatting Values
Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
Working with Cell Alignment
Adding Cell Borders, Background Colors and Patterns
Using the Format Painter
Using Cell Styles
Using Document Themes
Applying Conditional Formatting
Creating and Managing Conditional Formatting Rules
Finding and Replacing Formatting


Lesson 5: Creating and Working with Charts
Creating a Chart

Resizing and Moving a Chart
Changing Chart Type
Applying Built in Chart Layouts and Styles
Working with Chart Labels
Working with Chart Axes
Working with Chart Backgrounds
Working with Chart Analysis Commands
Formatting Chart Elements
Changing a Chart’s Source Data
Using Chart Templates

Lesson 6: Managing Workbooks
Viewing a Workbook

Working with the Workbook Window
Splitting and Freezing a Workbook Window
Selecting Worksheets in a Workbook
Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
Renaming Moving and Copying Worksheets
Working with Multiple Workbooks
Hiding Rows Columns Worksheets and Windows
Protecting a Workbook
Protecting Worksheets and Worksheet Elements
Sharing a Workbook
Creating a Template

Lesson 7: More Functions and Formulas

Formulas with Multiple Operators
Inserting and Editing a Function
Auto Calculate and Manual Calculation
Defining Names
Using and Managing Defined Names
Displaying and tracing Formulas
Understanding Formula Errors


Lesson 8: Working with Data Ranges

Sorting by One Column
Sorting by colors or Icons
Sorting by Multiple Columns
Sorting by a Custom List
Filtering Data
Creating a Custom Filter
Using an Advanced Filter


Lesson 9: Working with Tables
Creating a Table

Working with Table Size
Working with Total Row
Working with Table Data
Summarizing a Table with PivotTable
Using the Data Form
Using Table Styles and Options
Creating and Deleting Custom Table Styles
Convert or Delete a Table

Lesson 10: Working with PivotTables
Creating a PivotTable

Specifying PivotTable Data
Changing PivotTable’s Calculation
Filtering and Sorting a PivotTable
Working with PivotTable Layout
Grouping PivotTable Items
Updating a Pivot Table
Formatting a PivotTable
Creating a PivotChart

Lesson 11: Working with Macros

Recording a Macro
Playing and Deleting a Macro
Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Editing a Macro’s Visual Basic Code

Lesson 12: Advanced Topics
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
Changing Excel’s Default Options
Recovering Your Documents
Viewing Document Properties and Finding a File
Saving a Document as PDF or XPS
Adding a Digital Signature to a Workbook



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Benefit of MS Excel:


  • Instantly search all your information
  • You will learn secrets to creating amazing, eye-catching graphs and charts that don't take hours to complete.
  • Easily manage your daily priorities and information
  • Basic Microsoft Excel training courses can help improve employee productivity by allowing mundane tasks to be completed more efficiently. 
  • Create and work with interactive PivotTable views with ease.
  • Use the completely redesigned charting engine in Office Excel to communicate your analysis in professional-looking charts.
  • Enjoy improved and powerful support for working with tables
  • “See” important trends and find exceptions in your data.




Facilitator Profile:


  • Our trainers are young and energetic full time Corporate Trainers with over 15 yrs of Experience in imparting training in Ms-Excel.

  • They have customized and designed reference manual for advanced excel , which is industry specific , handy and precise having comprehensive coverage of important functions, tools, formulas, tips and tricks accelerate the users working smart and fast and ultimately help in saving lot of time.They has provided training in HSBC, GE, NIIT, Karvy and ICAI to name a few.






Rs. 5500/- which includes Tea, Lunch and Reference material. Group Discount: 10% Discount is extended for a group of ten or more nominations from same organization on or before 10th November, 2014


Certificate will be given to all the participants by Glorious Mindmine.



Intended For: 


  • Aspiring Students who wants to become an Expert in Advanced Excel.
  • Multinational Professionals, Accounts & Finance, Commercial, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Quality, R&D, HR & Administration, IT & other professionals 
  • Analysts, Associates, Executives, Project Managers, Assistant Managers, Students of professional courses gearing up for campus placements and job 
  • Business owners for creating and generating the decision making reports.  
  • Anyone with a quest to learn more about Ms-Excel and would like to explore the capabilities of Ms-Excel.  





Interactive + Exercises + Certificate + CD Tutorial (Individual Attention would be given)


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