Advanced Angular JS Training

Advanced Angular JS Training


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About The Event

Advanced Angular JS Training

 Who Should Attend :

  • Web Developers who want to develop power web apps using Angular JS 2
  • Front End Web Developers who want to migrate from Angular JS 1 to Angular JS 2


This is an advanced Angular JS course. Basic knowledge of Angular JS is assumed. You might consider to attend the basic Angular JS training below

  • Basic Angular JS Training

Section 1 Services and Dependency Injection

  • What are services
  • Writing our custom service to load of movies
  • What is Dependency Injection 
  • How Angular does dependency injection
  • Using dependency injection to load services
  • Hands on Services - load movies and then create a Grid View layout to display movies
  • Using ngFor directive
  • Creating grid layout

Section 2. Angular Routing

  • Angular 2 routing 
  • Route configuration
  • Route params
  • Hands on Routing - navigating between grid view and details view
  • Exercise - add route to navigate from details view to edit view

Section 3. Angular Forms & Validations

  • User input
  • Form Validations
  • Form States
  • Hands on Form Validation - adding a edit details form to update movie details

Section 4. Angular, MongoDB and Express

  • Creating tables using MongoDB
  • Adding and retrieving data from MongoDB
  • Creating API’s in Express to fetch data
  • Creating Services in Angular to connect to Mongo
  • Using services to load data from Mongo

Section 5. Deploying Angular App to Heroku

  • Publishing your app to Github
  • Heroku Toolbelt overview
  • Logging to Heroku inside toolbelt
  • Updating package.json and testing the app locally
  • Deploying app to Heroku

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