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IIIT Bhubaneswar presents its 2nd edition of Inter-college Techno-cult festival, ADVAITA’14 from 13th feb’14 to 16th feb'14. We would like you to be a part of this Extravaganza. 

In an attempt to turn this megalithic event into a techno-cultural battlefield, We have a 4 day schedule packed to the brim with excitement, innovations, challenges and horns locked in historic show-downs. From Rockathon and Robotics to Google Buster.War of bands to Dance Face-off and Celebrity Star night. ADVAITA’14 is destined to be epitome in the history of college fests for times to come. 

So come, join us. Let our unite, and we shall make history.
Technical Events: 
1. Google buster 
2. Blueprint 
3. App fest 
4. Switch Coding 
5. Crime scene investigation 
6. SEO it 
7. Code Enigma 
8. Deja Vu 

Cultural Events: 
1. Broadway 
2. Footloose 
3. Acoustica 
4. Soprano 
5. Picasso 
6. La mode 
7. Bollywood Quiz 
8. Art Exhibition 
9. Rockathon 

Robotics Events: 
1. Botsumo v.2 
2. Pathseeker v.2 
3. Hovo-run 
4. Pirate Warzz 
5. Simulab 
6. Arbalate 
7. X-Termination 

Special Attractions: 
1. Marathon 
2. Model United Nations (powered by Google Business Groups) 
3. TechnoHunt 
4. TUSK v2.0

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