Acreconf 2012

Acreconf 2012


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ACRECONF is a two day international conference which is organised by the Delhi Chapter of ISHRAE, in association with ASHRAE India chapter. This conference was started in the year 2001, and it was attended by nearly 200 delegates with 25 technical papers. This conference has been attracting a lot of interest and has been growing rapidly.

Acreconf 2012 is an event which brings together the leading experts in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering to discuss the various technical aspects of their profession as they look to increase the overall knowhow and awareness about the profession. Through detailed discussions and interactive speeches, the best brains in the industry discuss key issues about environmentally friendly technology in designing buildings. Also discussed, are the various challenges the line of work faces which need to be overcome in order to push the industry forward. Businesses also get the chance to utilize this brilliant opportunity to display their products and services at this event as they form deeper business connections and increase the scope for their professional networking for the overall advancement of the entire practice.

Acreconf 2012 presents a premiere opportunity for the leading decision makers involved in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration engineering works, to come together in unison of information, expertise and ideas related to moving the industry forward. There are various in depth discussions and informative seminars during which the issues of environmentally friendly building design technologies are deliberated upon by the top practitioners. The many challenges this line of work is faced with are also touched upon. A high number of professionals attend this event and present research papers along with other data forms on their topics to facilitate enhanced thinking of the key issues facing the discipline today. Practicing businesses also utilize this opportunity to demonstrate the various products and their applications on offer to clientele.

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Acreconf 2012 will be attended by a large number of visiting students and professionals from companies employing the many techniques being discussed at the event. They will be looking to learn more about the discussion topics from the leading experts themselves. This is a scope to increase their understanding on subjects such as green buildings, high performance buildings, passive and active technologies, integrated design and delivery, outcome based energy, energy management, net zero energy and many more. To add to this, they will get a chance to see the latest products and services that the industry makers have to offer so they can utilize those to better their own entrepreneurial endeavors or simply avail their applications for better practical understanding of the subjects under the microscope here.

Some of the highlights of Acreconf 2012 are:
* Discussions on key issues.
* Presentation of research papers.
* Extensive interaction between professionals and students.
* Demonstration of related products and services.

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