CTRL-Z: A Dance Drama in English

CTRL-Z: A Dance Drama in English


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About The Event

CHERRY ON THE CAKE we make a life with what we get, let’s make a life with what we give

A dance-drama with professional dance crew from Pratidhwani (A renowned arts based non-profit org from Seattle, USA) fused with the local young super talented underprivileged kids from Hope Foundation, Habsiguda.


This initiative is 100% non-profit | All proceeds will be channeled for personality development of under privileged kids

We have partnered with Hope Foundation and are thankful to them for letting us interact with the kids who need the little push to help them fly. We intend to provide these under privileged kids a platform to showcase their talent may it be painting, dancing , signing, fashion designing, acting basically areas that comes under the huge umbrella of art.

We are creating a forum for them to interact, work and perform with arts professionals in these fields.


Who are we?

Chavi and Jerry - soon to be Bride and Groom. We are NRIs from Seattle, WA working in Microsoft Corporation and Inviso Corporation, we are the crazy, unconventional couple with a strong desire to make our society more equal and with unshakable conviction that it is possible with our efforts.

What do we want to do?

Marriage is a big step and we wish to mark it in our lives as one of the best times, doing the best things! Only celebrating with friends and family just did not cut the deal. It had to be bigger and more meaningful for us, it had to set the tone for the rest of our lives. As believers in art, charity, skill and personality development we decided that helping the under-privileged, enabling them to take the center-stage was the best way to mark this time of our lives. We are lucky to have found immense support from our family as well, in this endeavor. We are planning to show case this initiative through a Dance-Drama. We seek your support to make this Dance-Drama bigger and better than any other. Help us show the power of collaboration, dedicated effort and kind hearts. 

How are the funds spent?

Funds will be used toward personality development of the under-privileged kids from hope foundation. Once we identifying the kids who have the potential and interest in developing a particular art we will be enrolling them for professional training for a year or so which will set a base for them to develop those skills further.

Choose My Kid Program

Want to choose the kid you want to support? Come to the show (CTRL-Z) and watch the talented kids perform, interact with them and choose who you want to support.

We will be sending periodic updates about the kid’s progress and detailed status reporting.

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