Accelerated Success Techniques Workshop Pune (INDIA) May-2015

Accelerated Success Techniques Workshop Pune (INDIA) May-2015


  • GOLD Tickets (Worth Rs 10,000)

    Guaranteed Entry, Notepad, Pen, Success Toolkit (Worth Rs. 800/-)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 999
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  • VIP Tickets (Worth Rs 15,000)

    Notepad, Pen, Go For Success Book, Success Toolkit (Worth Rs. 800/-), Lunch with your Group

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    INR 1499
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  • General (Worth Rs 10,000)

    You will be in PRIORITY waiting list. If selected, you will receive FREE upgrade to GOLD category Tickets and Success Toolkit (Worth Rs. 800/-). If Auditorium is FULL then You wont be able to get Entry. Still a Wonderful way to STAY AHEAD and be in PRIORITY waiting list in just Rs. 1/- RESERVE Now.

    Sale Date Ended

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  • Early Bird ELITE Tickets (Worth Rs 25,000)

    All the benefits of VIP, Priority Entry, Go For Success Book, Lunch with your Group, Your Private Photo Session with Success Coach Nilesh

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1999
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  • ELITE Tickets (Worth Rs 25,000) **Very Few Remaining**

    Guaranteed Priority Entry, Priority Seating, Notepad, Pen, Go For Success Book, Success Toolkit (Worth Rs. 800/-), Lunch with your Group, Your Private Photo Session with Success Coach Nilesh

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 2999
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About The Event

Achieve Your CAREER Goals, Success and Confidence.

Also Do Not Miss the Bonusess (Free Success Toolkit = Worth Rs. 800/-)

## Very Few Seats Left ##


Do you want to IMPROVE your Self-CONFIDENCE ?

Do you want more Success in Your Career?

Do you want to Improve your Life ?

Then Learn

Accelerated Success Techniques®.


Do you Regularly See other Successful people and want to Be LIKE them?

Do you want to know EXACTLY How to Proceed and What to do?


 “Every single day,

since  you have grown up,

you have watched other successful celebrities or stars.

You have always wanted to Improve your Looks, CAREER, HEALTH and Finances.

Also you wanted to Create Positive and Strong Relationships with others.

You wanted to Improve your Life”


 “How do you feel when people look at you but don’t consider you as Valuable as you Really are?

How does that make you feel about yourself? ”


Would you like to Get the POWER and CONFIDENCE and LEARN Proven Tools and Strategies to Succeed?

Would you like to be a Charismatic Personality?

Would you like to feel good in your relationships and your business?


 If any of the above seems familiar to you then

“We have a Solution for you !”

Come to Accelerated Success Techniques ® Workshop and Get the answers you were looking for.

But Hurry, We have very Limited Seats.


On completion of this program, YOU would be able to:

- Understand what is STOPPING You from achieving big Success and How to deal with it.

- Get more Power and Confidence in living Your life at Highest Level

- Deal with Difficult Situations or People in Your life

- Understand Biggest Secret of Self Made Rich people (It's not what you have been known till now)

- Be confident in Making YOUR Life Changing decisions

- Progress Faster and Achieve More Desirable Results in Your Life and Career


Suitable for :

- Working Professionals or

- Entrepreneurs or

- Students or

- House wives or

- Business Professionals

- that means You


  @ 7 Reasons WHY You need Accelerated Success Techniques ® : 

 # To Significantly REDUCE YOUR Time to Success 

 # To Achieve YOUR Goals FASTER 

 # To Stop Wasting YOUR MONEY on the Things Which Don’t Work 

 # To Work HARD Only on those Things Which Have FRUITFUL FUTURE FOR YOU


 # To Get YOU Sense of SATISFACTION and Fulfilment 

 # For YOUR STRESS FREE Journey to Success by Using the Map, WHICH WORKS 


 @ 7 BIGGEST Benefits OF Being part of this WORKSHOP : 

 # You’ll MEET Amazing People 

 # You'll Take Your Life to the NEXT Level 

 # You'll Network and Become Friends with GROWTH Oriented People 

 # You'll Learn the Tools and Strategies for Accelerated SUCCESS 

 # You'll Make The DIFFERENCE in YOUR Life and The Life of YOUR Loved Ones 

 # You’ll Be Part of a Life CHANGING Event 

 # You’ll Have Tons of FUN 


 Registration starts at: 9 am (First Come First Serve)

 * The Speaker is committed to deliver BEST CONTENT therefore event end time might vary.

 ** Lunch is NOT Provided for GOLD category tickets.

 *** GENERAL Category Tickets will RECEIVE Upgrade confirmation, two days Prior to Event.

 **** We RESERVE the rights for any changes. All the changes will be PROMPTLY updated here. Please visit this page before coming.


 SEE YOU SOON # Let's Solve Your Problems # TOGETHER !




 # # # # # #



 COME WITH your Friends and Family.

 (Age group allowed => 18+)

 Limited Seats # Reserve Your Seat NOW

 BECAUSE OFFER PRICE Valid for Limited Seats ONLY










 SEE YOU SOON # Let's Solve Your Problems # TOGETHER !

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