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Abundance Workshop - Supreme Siddha Saraswati Healing Attunement For Opening Enhancing your Powers Of Learning Knowledge.


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About The Event

*Supreme Siddha Saraswati Healing Attunement*

I am again back here with one more great healing attunement gift!

This Time I am going to transmit a special healing "Supreme Siddha Saraswati Healing Attunement" to all those who want to get Attuned to it!

In this great Attunement, you will connect with "Goddess of Knowledge/Wisdom Mother Saraswati" and transmit her direct Power/Blessings!!!

Apart from healing diseases, the Energy of Maa Saraswati will Enhance Knowledge and Wisdom of receipients! After taking this Unique Attunement,You may encounter New Knowledge in the coming days....your wisdom will enhance! People attuned i this healing power get opened in more learning the subjects & get better grades & scores in exams.

Those who are in Depression,Mentally blocked or in some Dilemma....may get solutions in coming days or even during healing itself and come out of the problem!

Students of Any Age can get Attunement For Third Eye to Clear Vision & Focus.

You will be guided by Divine Blessing on the Right Path!
So friends all those who want Spiritual Development or enhance their Knowledge/Wisdom in any field....those who want to do better in their Studies....Or want Solutions of problems....are invited to participate in this Unique Healing Attunement Session!!!

Date: Jan 29, 2015.

Time: 10:00-1:00 p.m.(Indian Time)

To receive this amazing healing attunement ,message your Name,Place & Date of birth in the Comment Box!

Click on Link below to get register for the Attunement.


Registration charges are Rs. 2,800/- only as Energy Exchange.

As you register, you will be given the venue details for attunement.

May God bless you all!!!

My Sincere Prayers and Unlimited Love for you all...

Dr Arvinder Kaur

☆ Doctor Of Ayurveda & Psychology

☆ Siddha Reiki Grandmaster & Maha Shakti Mantra Healer

☆ Certified EFT Practiioner

☆ Certified NLP practitioner

☆ Certified Hypnotherapy practitioner

☆ Certified Timeline Technology Practitioner

☆ Certified Breakthrough coach)