Abstract Art Exhibition By Manish Nai, Sheetal Gattani & Yashwant Deshmukh At Gallery Espace

Abstract Art Exhibition By Manish Nai, Sheetal Gattani & Yashwant Deshmukh At Gallery Espace


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Gallery Espace exhibits abstract art by Mumbai based artists Manish Nai, Sheetal Gattani and Yashwant Deshmukh.

Manish Nai, innovative in his approach creates his art works by amalgamating jute in his works. His creation comprises of large-format diptychs; collage works on jute and canvas.  His color palate is restricted and in earth tones. He treats every new work as a passionate performance done with renewed zest, evoking a specific mood. He pastes thick jute on canvas base, sticks a sheet of butter paper over it, and then applies washes of transparent color on this surface, and fine-grained jute over it.

Sheetal Gattani is a pure abstractionist. She instinctively chooses her colors and hues, which in some places erupt on the surface and cause the paintings to resemble flaking, damp walls. Her earthy, roughly textured paintings, with their highly reduced visual vocabulary, are built with several layers of watercolors. Her process is a search for resonance in light, color, lines and textures. In recent works, her preoccupation with texture has continued in sculptural forms of square format that are illuminated with a source of light playfully creating light and dark patterns and surfaces.

Yashwant Deshmukh uses colours in his paintings to define the tone and intensity of space. The artist mostly works in acrylic on canvas, and relishes the transparency through which the surface of the canvas is seen, and the permanency of each layer applied. He inserts objects of daily use such as a bucket or a funnel on his surfaces which are individual protagonists to be viewed strictly in relation with the space in which they levitate.

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