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Flip Your Words, Flip Your WorldExperience a magical workshop on SwitchWords
Who should do this workshop?

Are you wondering whether you should be doing this workshop or not? Read further to answer this question. If you are so

AbraKaaDabra - Flip Your Words, Flip your World, Experience a magical workshop on SwitchWords


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About The Event


Flip Your Words, Flip Your World
Experience a magical workshop on SwitchWords

Who should do this workshop?

Are you wondering whether you should be doing this workshop or not? Read further to answer this question. If you are someone who has taken enough efforts and yet haven’t gotten the desired result, this is for you.  So, let us understand why this is different from other transformational work like Law of Attraction or Visualisation or The Secret. First let us understand how changes happen in your life. Our life is a reflection of how our subconscious mind believes and perceives the world. The changes happen in our life only when we change the MindPRINT of our sub-conscious mind. However the way to our sub-conscious mind is through the conscious mind. During this process conscious mind analyses the message which passes through it and filters it based on past experiences.  This function of conscious mind’s gets in the way altering the sub-conscious mind’s MindPRINT.  SwitchWords, on the other hand doesn’t make any sense to conscious mind and hence SwitchWords can directly impact the Sub-Conscious mind without intervention of conscious mind. In this workshop you will learn the way to access your sub-conscious mind through SwitchWords without intervention of conscious mind and fulfilling your wishes with least of the struggles.


Workshop on SwitchWords with a Difference:

Switch words are a one word affirmation that directly  access the subconscious mind. In this unique workshop you will be equipped with the wherewithall about switchwords and even more.

Learn to make your own SwitchPhrase depending on your situation:

Once you have understood the basics, equip yourself with the techniques to make your own unique switchphrases to catapult results you desire.

You Get "Ready to Use" Templates:

Experience being supported by ‘ready to use’ templates for everyday application as you build your own skills with creating switch words.

You get a membership for six months to our ever increasing database of SwitchPhrase and innovations:

Feel supported by being a part of an evergrowing community that is constantly enriched and nourished with updates and innovations in the area of switchwords. A healthy, non judgemental sharing will always be encouraged and supported with suggestions by the leaders.

Get a 1 to 1 free session with the leader for specific area:

This unique opportunity gives you a chance to meet the leader one to one and have a consultation about your life. The leader has an expertise to combine vaastu, astrology, crystal energies and switch words and can offer a tailor made solution to your situation that will enhance the results you desire.

Get fabulous offer on our handpicked products across the board:

Energies are often sourced from the nature kingdom and they need to be rightly picked. You will have an access to buy these beautiful, energised products to enhance the quality of your everyday life.

We share 3% of our Sales for Philanthropic activities:

By participating in this workshop, you contribute to the philanthrophic activities that we conduct. So far, we have led life changing programs to inmates in prisons, for HIV affected children, Visually impaired teenagers. We intend to extend our reach to as many other strata of our society that can benefit from our offerings. We conduct these activities all across the country.

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