AAYAM 2014

AAYAM 2014


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AAYAM, the annual Techno-Management festival of NIT AGARTALA is a humble attempt to promote and foster this co-existential relationship between Man and Technology. The insignia, insinuating Man's eternally progressive leap over the Wheel of Technology, is symbolic of AAYAM's endeavour to inculcate the spirit of engineering, innovation and forward thinking among the youth. For over half a decade, it is said that an idea can change the world. People have accomplished remarkable feats with nothing but the pursuit of an idea. With the right determination and perseverance no task can be too huge or no barriers too high. It is with this idea that NIT AGARTALA presents AAYAM. Conceive. Create. Conquer. Let nothing stop you from reaching the skies!.Techfest takes you on a ride to the implausible world which is adorned by these extreme machines, machines fighting each other in aggressive ring battles To the fresher's, Welcome! To the seasoned, Welcome Back!! to this journey of exploration, revelation and awe. Come April2014, NIT, AGARTALA will be the epicentre of a scintillating celebration of Technology, and you are invited to the party!

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