AAVISHKAR’13 – The RENAISSANCE of Technology

AAVISHKAR’13 – The RENAISSANCE of Technology


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AAVISHKAR is the National level Techno-Management Fest of Panjab University, Chandigarh. It provides a platform to the students from various disciplines- Sciences, Engineering, Management, etc. for showcasing their innovative ideas and initiatives by demonstrating their projects. The fest is an endeavor to acquaint the students with future technologies and discuss the innovations that possess the power to change lives and the world as a whole.

“AAVISHKAR’13 – The Renaissance”

RENAISSANCE – Rebirth of Ideas.
The Renaissance, meaning-‘re-birth’, was a cultural movement that spanned the period from 14th-17th century. As new ideas and innovations captivated most of Europe, its scope increased manifolds with the introduction of print culture and paper.
But, did Renaissance truly end by the end of 17th century? In a way, it never did. We, today, are living in a Renaissance world even now and it’s brimming with innovations in business, science, arts and every field prevalent in the world. Some fields have entirely come up since the virtual end of Renaissance era. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that such is the impact of Renaissance that it’s tradition of innovation is, in fact, shaping our future as well.
Be it the internet whose scope never ceases to extend, or the television sets that brought the world on a small screen, some 60-70 years back to our doorsteps. INNOVATION, perhaps, is at its zenith in this era we live in.
Yet, the question that arises is, how can we relate this year’s AAVISHKAR to this movement?
For one, AAVISHKAR is the core engineering event. Since the world expects us engineers to build things, make them, break them and hell rebuild them, we thought of giving a more VERNACULAR outlook ( a term very much related to the RENAISSANCE ERA) to this very notion. We, at UIET, are so proud to be engineers that we took it to a whole new level and thought of likening ourselves to the harbingers of the change and innovation. We UIETians, step forward to be the harbingers of a RENAISSANCE. Bringing forth a new world, a plethora of new ideas, innovations, inventions, discoveries by bringing an end to the hackneyed world; we wish to BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

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