Aaorohi 2014

Aaorohi 2014


About The Event

Aarohi is the annual youth festival (Cult fest) of our college, VNIT, Nagpur. This is the 26th year since its inception in 1988. It is organized every year during winter in February. Students from undergraduate institutes across the nation participate in the events organized. Aarohi attracts more than 2000 participants in various contests. The festival is sponsored by many prestigious business firms. The event spans for a period 3 days, while the elimination rounds for various contests begin a week before. This festival receives more than 10,000 viewers every year. AAROHI consists of over 15 main events including Purple Haze (the band contest), A La Danse (the dance contest), Cynosure (the personality contest) etc. Any further information could be obtained from www.aarohiworld.com

Aaorohi 2014 Cultural Events in Nagpur :
Cynosure :Personality Contest
ALA dance : Dance Contest
Pentathlon: Team Event
Purple Haze: Band Contest
Swar Manzar: Singing Competetion
Bollywood Quiz
Dramatics :Stage Play ,Street Play
Art Conoscenza
Film Making

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