Aadi Perukku 2017

Aadi Perukku 2017


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Aadi Perukku Special Rituals

Shanti Durga Homam - Promise Cash Inflow & Fulfil All Desires

Scheduled on August 03, 2017 6PM IST

Vedicfolks Special Ritual for Aadi Perukku, the Shanti Durga Homam, brings you a series of ceremonies on that are not only very powerful but also highly beneficial to you.

Aadi Perukku - The Festival That Glorifies Goddess Maha Shakthi

Aadi Perukku is the celebration of monsoon season. The word Aadi is derived from the word Aashada, the month that begins mid July and ends mid August, and Perukku means to multiply or proliferate. So, let all your fortunes and affluence grow beyond expectations. This day is also called the Padinettam Perukku as it falls on the eighteenth day of Aadi month.

Let’s exalt your status by performing the Shanti Durga Homam that’s very special on an auspicious day like Aadi Perukku and only this yagya can bring you prosperity in abundance. The ritual pays obeisance to the beautiful goddess Durga whose energies are intensified during the month of Aadi.

Goddess Durga Protects And Destroys Evil  

Goddess Durga is a protector, caretaker and nurturer of people and when evil rules, she does not hesitate to play the role of a destroyer. She is a true representative of womanhood and feminine energies.

Ashtadalam Puja - Performing Puja To Ashtadalam Invokes The Goddess That Fulfils All Desires. 

The Sri Chakra Padmam (lotus pattern) is drawn with five colours. The five colours represent the five elements namely earth, water, fire, air and ether. The centre of the padmam has eight petals and is the hot seat of the goddess and is called ashtadalam. The homam begins with the lighting of a lamp and offering puja to the ashtadalam.

Divya Saptha Shloka Mantra Parayanam - Removes Fears And Blesses With Grasping Powers Of Knowledge

It refers to the seven shlokas taken from Devi Mahatmyam and pays obeisance to the goddess who removes fears and blesses us with grasping powers of knowledge.

Moola Mantra Homam - Assures Victory And Success And Puts To Rest All Kinds Of Negativity And Misfortunes

The moola mantra homa assures victory and success and it puts to rest all kinds of negativity and misfortunes. It also improves your self confidence and self esteem.

Durga Sooktha Homam - Brings Success And Ensures Financial Stability

The entire process of the Shanthi Durga Homam also involves the Durga Sooktha Homam where the deity is worshipped with 16 types of offerings and 108 Namavalies are recited by presenting red flowers. This ritual brings success and ensures financial stability.

  • Fulfils all desires
  • Brings peace to home and workplace
  • Blesses with progeny
  • Speedy recovery from illness and diseases
  • Protects from evil forces, black magic and agony
  • Ensures financial stability

Durga Yantra Puja - Removes difficulties and bestows wealth

This is a very powerful yantra to remove turbulences in one’s life and also conquer enemies. It bestows wealth and prosperity and protects from dangers.

Shanti Durga Homam - Fulfils All Desires And Grants Immense Wealth And Prosperity

the Shanti Durga Parameswari ritual is performed to appease the Mother in the month of Aadi and thank her for her kindness. By doing so, we make sure that she is with us through our life’s journey and protects us against evil and misfortunes. She fulfils all our desires and grants us immense wealth and prosperity. 

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