Aadi Amavasya Tharpanam

Aadi Amavasya Tharpanam


  • Aadi Amavasai Tharpanam

    Aadi Amavasai Tharpanam eradicates the effects of Black magic, Curses, and Sorcery. It promotes happiness in your life and brings success in all stages of your life.

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About The Event

Aadi Amavasai Tharpanam

Clears Turmoils In Life & Brings You Victory

Scheduled On 23rd July 2017

Aadi Amavasai: A Special New Moon to Reach Your Forebears

Amavasya or New Moon day is the last day of the moon when it is in its waxing phase and is invisible to the human eye. Aadi is the name of a month in Tamil that begins on a date in mid July and ends mid August. It is said that during Aadi amavasya the Sun moves towards the South called Dakshinayana.  This is the first new moon day during this time and therefore very powerful and auspicious.

What It Means To Please Your Ancestors on Aadi Amavasai

On the day of amavasya, offerings of sesame seeds and water makes ancestors happy and they bless their descendants with a prosperous life. These oblations are offered to three generations of ancestors both from the maternal and paternal side. The deities for pitrus are Vasu, Rudra and Aditya and invoking them by chanting mantras so that food reaches the ancestors. The deities transport the food called ‘swadha’ to pitrus which is accepted with great satisfaction and pride.

Moreover, the classic epic Mahabharata says that humans born on earth have to clear three debts before leaving the mortal body.

  • Dev rin - this is for Lord Vishnu and can be absolved by doing charity and donating materials.
  • Rishi rin - this is for Lord Shiva and can be cleared by seeking knowledge of the scriptures and sacred understandings.
  • Pitru rin - this is for Lord Brahma and is cleared by doing tarpanam or shraddha by offsprings to their ancestors.

Significance of Aadi Amavasai Tharpanam

But why should we worship them even after they have left us? Well, we may find ourselves in very difficult and trying situations that cause a great deal of misery. This is because of bad karmic effects that our ancestors have given us by way of soul genes. To put an end to all the chaos in our lives, we should respect and pay our tributes through tarpanams and shraddhas.

Rameswaram – The Ideal Venue for Pitru Tarpanam

Rameswaram is one of the pilgrim centres of India visited by people in large numbers. It is very auspicious and sacred place for performing pitru tarpanams. Lord Rama performed shraddha for his father King Dasaratha and Surya dynasty ancestors at this very place.  Therefore, performing tharpanam here on Amavasya day is considered special. This is a Mukthi kshetram (salvation temple).

This ritual destroys all curses and effects of sorcery. It promotes happiness in your life and brings success in all stages of your life. Perform this ritual for your ancestors, please them and receive their blessings to have a happy and a peaceful life with prosperity. Perform Amavasya Tharpanam to them on that day to attain significant improvements in all walks of life.

Why Pitru Tarpanam Is Important For You

  • Blessings of fame and success in personal and professional life
  • Ensures longevity and happiness
  • Relief from debts and financial burdens
  • Destruction of enemies
  • Eradicates the effects of Black magic, Curses, and Sorcery
  • Grants tranquillity and prosperity
  • Brings good fortune and luck


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