Summer Camps-Unique Adventure Camp for Youngsters

Summer Camps-Unique Adventure Camp for Youngsters


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About The Event

About The Camp:

This camp is designed for students To bring out the LEADER Within & to create a powerfull vision for their future.


Aero Modeling,Air Rifle Shooting,Alpine Tower,Archery,Army Obstacle Course,Burma Bridge,Cycling Track,Rappelling,Rope Bridge,Rock Climbing,Sky Runner,Skating,Sumo Wrestling,Hydro Bike,Kayaking,Excursions,Forest Walk,Night Walk,Treasure Hunt,Skits,Plays and Performances,Interactions & Debriefs

The camps are based on Experiential Learning which are based in:

  • Interaction
  • Adventure Activities
  • Team Games
  • Lots of Discussions
  • Team activities & Games

What actually happens?

We have Intentions behind every activities inside the big Intention of Camp:

    1. Understanding ones Uniqueness
    2. Improved Self confidence & Self worth
    3. Create a vision for themselves (& Vision Statement)


  • Many of the adventures are exciting, thrilling, and sometimes gross, but at the end someone who showed a quality such as teamwork would receive the honor
  • The primary purpose of many camps is educational or cultural development
  • A summer camp environment may allow children to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Summer camps provide an amazing opportunity for children to learn hands on
  • Camps provide opportunities that are unlike school, often opening the natural world to children that may never be outside. They can use the natural surroundings and get children back to nature
  • More and more child psychologists says that kids need to be spending time unstructured and outside

Many of the instructors at these camps are coaches of local teams, and thus many athletes get valuable extra time with the coach they play for during the school year (or the coach they hope to play for during the upcoming school year).

Experience Eg:

  1. Lets take eg of Rock Climbing wall consider. We ask children to climb a 40 ft wall with proper trecknigue wearing a seat harvess & attached to live safety rope. Now there is no problem about the safety
  2. Then during the briefing when we ask them of what are their thought about this & since there is a space of freedom to express. Children will express thoughts like:
    1. Will 1 be able to do this?
    2. What if I can’t
    3. I am fat or I am not that strong
    4. I will not be able to climb this
    5. May be not even half
    6. What if I cant then others will laugh at me & so on
  3. When they are encouraged to still do it & when they go beyond their Barriers. Their Self Confidence & Self Worth shoots up.
  4. Then we take brief asking Q like:
  • What happened?
  •  What Barriers did you overcome?
  • How do you feel now?
  • How will this help you in life?
  • Understand own Uniqueness
  • Higher self confidence, self esteem.
  • Going beyond your fear,
  • Working in team,
  • Can survive any kind of situations,
  • Communication (Powerful speaking & Listening)
  • Teamwork.
  • Can express oneself freely
  • Being Focused, Calm, Leader.
  • Teamwork
  • Positive Values and Spirituality.

They experience a New Level of Self Belief, Self Confidence & Self Esteem.

Child understands personal Strengths & Weakness. (and know how to handle it)


Registration fee includes:

  • Stay in air-cooled Swiss tents
  •  Food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for all the 5 days)
  • Travel from Mumbai - to the camp - back to Mumbai
  • Activities as listed above
  • Medical facilities available (24 hrs)

Kit List Things to Carry: 

WARM CLOTHES (Bed sheet & Shawl)

  • 1 Towel & 2 Napkins
  • 1 Water Bottle
  • Torch & Cells, Lock & Chain For Safety
  • 4-5 Pairs of Clothes
  • 1 Pair od Slippers & Sports Shoes
  • Odomos
  • Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Bathing soap, Comb, Tissue paper, Talcum Powder, Shampoo etc.
  • Empty Plastic Bags
  • Medicines – If any required, should be well labeled with the Dosage clearly mentioned
  • No gold Jewellery to be worn at all [You may wear small artificial earnings etc.
  • Everything must be clearly labeled with the childs name. Camera, Binoculars, Walkman, Watch to be carried at your own risk
  • Camping shoes
  • Light clothes for (good for 5 days)
  • Torch






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