A Shoebox Full Of Smiles - A Diwali Give-Back Initiative

A Shoebox Full Of Smiles - A Diwali Give-Back Initiative


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A Shoebox Full of Smiles

Give Back a Little this Diwali - Remember the joy of unwrapping gifts as a kid: this Diwali light up an under-privileged kid’s face with the same joy. Join Get Alive’s “A Shoebox Full of Smiles” campaign.

Inspired by the Sanshil Foundation, Get Alive committed itself to raising 180 shoeboxes, each one crammed full of goodies, as Diwali gifts for the students of Bagiya and Disha, schools for under-privileged children.

We need your support to make the campaign a success. Prepare boxes, motivate people around you to contribute boxes, take a pledge to raise X amount of boxes. Or if you are genuinely stressed for time, send money so that we can pack your boxes.

The Way It Works:
Step One: Take a shoebox (or you simply send the money and our volunteers prepare the box for you).
Step Two: Look at the “We Need …. Boxes” List. Decide the age and gender of the child you want to gift the shoebox to. It could be a uni-sex box.
Step Three: Inform us about the contribution you will make. Please remember once the commitment is made you have to fulfill it.
Step Four: The fun part; fill the box with gift items. Look at the “Inspiration List” for ideas. The total value of the items in the box should be about Rs 200-Rs 400. Please go through our dos and don’ts list.
Step Four – Wrap the box; mark the age and gender category; Write your own name and address on it.
Step Five – Drop the boxes at our collection centres. Addresses given below. Last date Oct 11th.
Step Six - Join us on Oct 15th to gift the boxes to the children.

To Register for Program
Pls contact Namita Anand at 9953160132 or drop a mail at getalivegurgaon@gmail.com
Suggest you become a member of the getalive facebook group so that we can send you regular updates.

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