A Journey of Self Discovery with David Ferrers

A Journey of Self Discovery with David Ferrers


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    Self Discovery

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About The Event

Join us for a week of focusing totally on creating the life you want during your personal Journey of Self-Discovery. You will stay at a beach resort in beautiful Kerala on India’s Malabar coast. There you will:


  • Create a clear vision for the life you would love to live,
  • Generate a plan to make that vision a reality
  • Discover the strengths and abilities that will ensure your success
  • Practice everything that you need to do to create the life you want until living that way becomes natural to you.


You will be living in an environment created to allow your natural talents to reveal themselves. This is the perfect opportunity to set a clear and exciting direction for your life, to revitalise your career and relationships whilst enjoying a relaxing holiday.





 By the end of the workshop you will be:

  • Clear about who you are, what you are and where you excel and offer real value to the world.
  • Clear minded – able to think clearly about any issue to do with work or your personal life. You will be able to work out the best solutions to all the challenges you face.
  • Emotionally calm – in charge of your emotions so you always feel confident, sure of yourself and full of energy and happiness, wherever you are.
  • Totally relaxed – your body will feel relaxed – you will feel comfortable and at home in any environment.
  • Feel comfortable with who you are, what you are and where you’re going.
  • A smiling, happy person.


READ MORE : http://davidferrers.com/self-discovery-in-india/






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