A.I. Braindump @ Midnight | Episode: 02

A.I. Braindump @ Midnight | Episode: 02


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About The Event

Episode 2: A.I. Braindump @ midnight


Viki Lawson here again, I have the godfather of multimedia in the house people, Marc Canter - Co-Founder of Macromedia.


We are on a quest to Artificial Super Intelligence through braindumps, so I have essentially gathered some of the best minds in the field to share their braindump on what is relevant for the ecosystem. This event is a combination of influencers, investors and AI enthusiasts who care deeply about AI and you can check out more info at aibraindump.com


Time: March 24th, 2017 - 09:00 PM till midnight.


Venue: 91springboard NGV, Koramangala, Bangalore - Event Space


Our line up is very robust this time and considering popular request I’ve reduced the event to just 5 talks. Check it out, it will freak you out.


9PM-9.30PM:  Quest to A.I. Braindump


9.30PM-10.15PM:  Fictional vs. Factual Data and utilizing chat bots as a distribution system for self expression (Speaker: Marc Canter)


10.20PM-10.50PM:  AI Foundations and Micro Experiences in action (Speaker: Puneet Gupta)


10.55PM-11.25PM:  High performance ML using Julia (Speaker: Ranjan Anantharaman)


11.30PM-12AM:  Decoupled Neutral nets (Speaker: Rahul Vishwakarma)


12AM-12.30AM:  Generative adversarial nets (Speaker: Sangeet Satheesh)


Make use of the networking from 12:30 AM which can extend upto I don't know where.  More than this the hub has promised to arrange for refreshments and I say wooohoooo!


What is A.I. Braindump?


Quest to Artificial Super Intelligence starts with your braindump! A.I. Braindump is a community made to push the boundaries of A.I. for the enhancement of human life.




Viki Lawson


Artificial Super Intelligence


E: hello@aibraindump.com | W: www.aibraindump.com


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