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About The Event

 Exclusive Webinar on "A Eye for AI"

There no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology. But if you think the transformative nature of AI is limited to global tech giants and blue-chip companies, think again. AI is ultimately going to transform every business, in every industry.
Most companies are facing challenges in making this transformation.

These challenges are indeed extreme and pose the risk of significantly impeding progress, which can be detrimental in a technology space that is evolving exponentially fast.

Here's what we will cover:
What does AI mean to your business/business strategy?
Are you lost in the fog of trying to figure out what AI means to you and your business?
What is AI, what is ML, how is different from DL?

When do I choose one over the other? How big is big data?

How to do an Informed problem scoping for AI?

Why is there a Communication gap between decision makers and practitioners?

Ensuring effective hiring and team building for AI

This session will help you understand the implications of AI for your business even if you have never programmed a single line of code or a neural network.

Moderators -

This session will be moderated by Sanjay Radhakrishnan and Pratyush Kumar and offer you a perspective on how to move beyond ideas, help you move from ideas which are solutions looking for problems to opportunities that are about problems searching for a solution.

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