Certified Scrum master Training & Certification - Mumbai

Certified Scrum master Training & Certification - Mumbai


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About The Event

Our two-day Certified ScrumMaster training course (Certification is provided by ScrumAlliance) provides a comprehensive and in-depth training in Scrum theory and practice, taught by a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer who is a expertise. This "learning by doing" style of instruction demands your open mind and active participation.

Attendees who are Project Management Institute PMP's are eligible for 16 Professional Development Units.


  • Introductions
  • Agile Projects
  • Agile Requirements
  • Releases & Sprints
  • Delivering
  • Reporting
  • Feedback Lookups
  • Scaling
  • Closing

Short, five-minute exercises and case studies will be scattered throughout the two-day session.   Ample material is available for this session, and while all essential information will be covered, time spent on each topic will vary depending on the composition of the class and the interest in particular areas.  A more detailed course outline is available at our website.

Agile Thinking:

In order for us to understand the benefits of Scrum and the nuances behind its framework, we begin with the history of agile methods and how relatively new thoughts in software development have brought us to Scrum.  “The Art of the Possible” is an opportunity to understand how small changes in behavior can have a large impact on productivity.  This also turns our thinking towards new ideas and a willingness to change for the better.

The Scrum Framework:

Here we’ll ensure that we’re all working from the same foundational concepts that make up the Scrum Framework.  We’ll review the three areas that impact an organization most as we move ahead with Scrum and explain the different Scrum Roles, Artifacts, and Meetings.

Frame Work

Implementation Considerations:

Moving beyond Scrum’s foundational concepts, we’ll use this time to dig deeper into the reasons for pursuing Scrum.  We’ll also begin a discussion of integrity in the marketplace and how this relates to software quality.

Scrum Roles:

Who are the different players in the Scrum game?  We’ll review checklists of role expectations in preparation for further detail later in our session.

The Scrum Team Explored:

Since the ScrumMaster is looking to protect the productivity of the team, we must investigate team behaviors so we can be prepared for the various behaviors exhibited by teams of different compositions.  We’ll also include small exercises to help participants understand how to handle difficult situations.

The Product Owner:  Extracting Value:

The driving force behind implementing Scrum is to obtain results, usually measured in terms of return on investment or value.  How can we help ensure that we allow for project work to provide the best value for our customers and our organization?  We’ll take a look at different factors that impact our ability to maximize returns.

The ScrumMaster Explored:

It’s easy to read about the role of the ScrumMaster and gain a better understanding of their responsibilities.  The difficulty comes in the actual implementation.  Being a ScrumMaster is a hard job, and we’ll talk about the characteristics of a good ScrumMaster that go beyond a simple job description.

References and Advanced Considerations:

This section of our material acts a reference for more detailed information regarding Meetings, Artifacts, and Advanced Considerations.

Closing Topics:

We’ll wrap up with direction on where to go next with your Scrum experience, some Scrum reference sites, and our graduation ceremony.


Trainer: Hubert Smits CST from Scrum Alliance


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