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Saturday Special : Disco 31 - Hallowe\\\'en @ Hacienda Hallucienda (Haunted House) with Wwyyzzzrrddz.T.L.R. presents its signature Hallowe\\\'en party of the year. After Zombie Disco  (2010) and Monster Mash (2009), Disco 31 Saturday nights @

Saturday Special - Disco 31 : Hallowe\'en @ Hacienda Hallucienda (Haunted House) with Wwyyzzzrrddz


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Saturday Special : Disco 31 - Hallowe'en @ Hacienda Hallucienda (Haunted House) with Wwyyzzzrrddz.

T.L.R. presents its signature Hallowe'en party of the year. After Zombie Disco (2010) and Monster Mash (2009), Disco 31 Saturday nights @ T.L.R. have built up a reputation as the wildest Hallowe'en party of the wicked season. Exquisitely conceptualized and meticulously prepared, Wwyyzzzrrddz's celebration of the dark forces in their hour of annual awakening is truly a spectacle to bathe the soul in. This year, T.L.R. transforms into a haunted house, the Hacienda Hallucienda, and all manner of time and space, right or wrong disappears into a bloody & punch-drunk psychedelic void. We especially welcome our honored guests that arrive as Ghosts and Dead Celebrities with welcome drinks, but all manner of Daemons, Poltergeists, Gremlins, Goonies, Wizards, Witches, Warlocks & Mystical Beings are welcome too! However, only one extra-normal visitor may leave the Hacienda Hallucienda alive at the end of the night.. That is the soul grand prize on offer for the Best Hallowe'en Costume! Dress up as spectacularly as you can dear friends, it may mean the difference between Life and an eternity in the infernal caves of a hallucination that never begins to end @ T.L.R.

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