Photo X Photo Talk : Photography And The Art Of Social Commentary

Photo X Photo Talk : Photography And The Art Of Social Commentary


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Alliance française de Delhi is proud to present the initiative Photo x Photo – a series of talks based on Contemporary Photography Practices in India. Conceived as a space for alternative discussions & exhibitions, it will host photographers, curators, critics and enthusiasts eager to share their ideas about the medium, in constructive and critical ways. The energy behind the Photo platform is geared towards raising levels of appreciation within and nurturing connections across various practitioners – students/teachers/researchers in photography/ lovers of visual arts, as well as the general public.

 The unrestrained voice of an image finds depth and clarity when it is examined as a composite, a site for exposing as much as censoring its subject. Photography shifts its allegiances from being a testimony - a tale of events - to that of an art object, as much as it produces a corpus of desires in its viewers. Photographers, whether they are journalists, documenters or ‘art practitioners’ dealing with a conceptual field of references, have in one form or another, made a social commentary through their work.

The following presentations will be explorations of how commentary and visual communication intersect in unison, or at times tangled and contradictory ways. Especially when images are used in a photo-journalistic sense, there is always a text that also provides observations and annotations that directs the interpretation of the image. How then do photographers evolve a unique language of their own that may represent not only their vision, but the plea of the subject being captured?

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