ZAK Innovative, Lightweight, Faster and Sustainable Building Construction Technology

ZAK Innovative, Lightweight, Faster and Sustainable Building Construction Technology


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About The Event



The building construction industry is at the cross roads today, still dominated in large measure by use of conventional products and technologies but having a desire to adopt more modern, innovative, sustainable and contemporary practices that are prevalent in other developed countries.

Architects and builders today are widely travelled and have global exposure. However due to a combination of factors including non availability of credible superior alternatives and lack of progressive building codes and standards that are strictly mandated, new products and technologies are yet to penetrate in a significant way in the country.

Several organizations have access to the best global practices in construction and are attracted by the potential that India offers. However, they face an uphill task in terms of getting ready audience and acceptance of their products and services. Individually each company by itself has limited capability to make a large enough impact and create construction change. Companies therefore typically complement their efforts on the ground by resorting to advertising, participation in fora like the Green Building Congress etc. apart from taking part in building materials related exhibitions that are held from time to time.


Considering the above facts, there is an urgent need to create a forum in India for organizations which offer innovative, relevant and sustainable construction products and solutions, to key influencers and decision makers in India. The building construction sector is witnessing rapid change in a growing country like India. Along with an increased demand for space there is a growing need for innovative construction practices that encourage sustainable, lightweight and faster construction. With the advent of more and more leading global corporates into the country the need for best construction practices is growing by the day. It is imperative to bring the industry together on a platform to share these best practices. It is our endeavor to put together a forum in this direction and the first "Innovative, Lightweight, Faster and Sustainable Building Construction Technology Expo" is a step in this direction.

Sponsorship of the above event will be from companies with demonstrated track record in leading construction change. Participation in the above exhibition will be purely by invitation and will be strictly restricted to organizations which have something new to offer in any of the above attributes.



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