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Your Boss Is Just The Postman - Bangalore | 18June2011


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About The Event

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation", wrote the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau.
Little seems to have changed in the 200 years since Thoreau wrote those words.  If anything, things seem to have gotten worse.  The toxic work environment in most organisations these days leaves people feeling stressed, anxious and miserable.
Have you considered why the various remedies you have tried in the past haven't really worked?  You go away on a holiday.  That does bring a respite from the stress, anxiety and misery, but the respite is only temporary.  As soon as you resume work, you are back to your life of quiet desperation.
This happens because at the deepest level the root cause of our stress, anxiety and misery is spiritual.  Therefore the remedy also has to be spiritual.  Anything else is like using asprin to heal a brain tumour.
In this workshop, through a combination of lectures, discussions, and videos, we explore how a number of key ideas from the spiritual wisdom of India can be used to heal our lives.  A key feature of this workshop is that the workshop leaders draw upon their own experience of applying these ideas in their own work lives.  We prefer not to simply repeat what we have read or heard but instead what has actually worked in our own lives.  We have taken the most powerful ideas from the spiritual wisdom of India, reviewed what has actually worked in our lives, and repackaged them for thinking, rational, analytical minds.
We should warn you though, that this is not a "Five easy steps to wealth and success" kind of workshop.  In this workshop we can only show you the path, but you need to be prepared to walk yourself.  If you are ready to make the journey we invite you to join us on this one-day workshop that will change your perspective on life and work.  Along the way, you will also understand why your boss is just the postman.  (And this, as it turns out, is a critical point.)
Who will lead the workshop
This workshop is brought to you by The Leadership School, a not-for-profit organization started by IIM alumni. All earnings from this workshop will go to Parivaar (, an NGO that cares for impoverished children. The workshop on 18June2011 will be led by Sanjeeb Patra, an alumnus of IIM Calcutta with 18+ years of international work experience with one of the world's largest MNC banks. He has lived and worked in Mumbai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo and London.  Until recently he  served on the board of directors of one of the Indian subsidiaries of the MNC bank.  On several occasions over the last few years Sanjeeb Patra has delivered talks and workshops at a number of IIMs on using the insights from the spiritual wisdom of India to find happiness, meaning and fulfilment at work and in life.
How to register for the workshop
Until now, this workshop has been available only on various IIM campuses and is now being made available for the first time to the public.
Please note that we are unable to accept walk-in participants.  Advance registration is mandatatory.  Each person attending the workshop is required to fill out a questionnaire prior to the workshop.  The workshop leader will review the responses in the questionnaires in order to customise the workshop for the participants.    We will not be able to accept registrations after 5pm on Wednesday, 15June2011.  Once you have completed registration, please send an email to to obtain a copy of the questionnaire.
You may register either by using your credit card on the payment gateway on or by sending a cheque in the name of "Parivaar Education Society".  If you plan to send us a cheque please get in touch with us and we will let you know the address to which the cheque has to be mailed.  Cheques should reach us by 13June2011.
"Brilliant is the single word I can use to describe the sessions. Thank you once again. Continue these brilliant sessions, continue inspiring people." 
 - Jeeva S., IIM Shillong
"I attended your session today and found it highly engaging. It made me think deeply about my life and career choices. The talk was all the more powerful as you shared your own personal experiences which all of us could relate to." 
 - Arant Agarwal, IIM Lucknow
"I never thought I would benefit from such a workshop but these sessions have proved me wrong. The sessions were enlightening and eye-opening and I am sure that I will keep in mind all the insights gathered from these sessions throughout my life. Thank you again." 
 - Amranikunj Upadhyay, IIM Shillong
"I could connect to various aspects of life after listening to your inspiring lecture."
- Avinash Parhi, IIM Bangalore
“Just loved the meditation class and the concept of synthetic happiness."
- Anurag Joshi, IIM Shillong
“I found the workshop really beneficial. The most useful sessions were the one on mettabhavana meditation and the way to achieve personal change. Thanks for sharing with us such profound wisdom and knowledge.” 
- Abhishek Rungta, IIM Indore
"Needless to say, my Sunday was made by your lecture. I could find some light at the end of the tunnel of uncertainties of my life." 
- Abhishek Anand, IIM Lucknow
“I liked the workshop a lot, I got some of my questions answered by just listening to you and I felt as if the solution was just in front of me all these days and I never looked. I believe this workshop is a must for every individual. The best part I think is the meditation, specially the one in which we wish everyone well.”
- Atul Mehra, IIM Indore
"Your class last Sunday was the best class I have ever attended."
- Sandipan Saha, IIM Lucknow

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