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About The Event

About Summit
The Summit will provide a platform for networking, contact building and understanding new opportunities and challenges for young entrepreneurs in National and International markets.

Eminent speakers from Corporate, MNCs, Banks, Industry, Technology, International Trade, Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms, Consulting Agencies, Marketing, Government, Entertainment, Arts and the Ministers and prominent personalities from different fields will interact, guide and create awareness amongst the entrepreneurs.

This will also elaborate on enhancement of business activities, capacity building, export promotion, acquiring latest technology, equity funding, banking finance, strategies to enter into new markets, business collaborations and alliances, skill development, set up new enterprises and expansion, changing mindset of the family run business, quality management, productivity improvement and other business opportunities. The Summit will also discuss on various issues and problems of the young entrepreneurs to survive in the competitive market.

It will concentrate on grooming and incubation process to provide useful information to guide them in different aspects of business development and management.

The Forum will provide information and guidance on the process of setting up an enterprise, making a business plan, market study, feasibility reports, project reports, approaching a bank or a financial institution for obtaining term loans and working capital, development of skills pertaining to manufacturing, quality, marketing and human relations, effective communication, exports, foreign exchange rules and regulations, international payment settlements, risk management and other related topics.

About Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs play a very important role and make commendable contribution for the development of the Nation and are the drivers of the economy. They put efforts for economic growth of the country, provide employment, train, educate and convert unskilled workforce into skilled ones, adopt and exchange new ideas, concepts, technology and innovations for the growth of their business.

The young entrepreneurs start their small ventures but they can become large companies in future, if they get proper support and assistance from government, banks and other stakeholders. In India the business success is dependent on the education, knowledge, experiences, financial support, market access and a good set up. But the entrepreneurs should not depend only on Government support and manage their businesses themselves efficiently.

The entrepreneurs need more capital for their expansion activities. Many entrepreneurs have technical knowledge about their business but usually are not capable to get finance from Banks and Financial Institutions due to insufficient exposure to financial management. The young entrepreneurs also have to face problems like competition, dealing with Government Departments, managing Labour, getting correct raw materials, logistics and transportation, quality control etc. and make appropriate strategies for survival and growth.

Importance of the Summit

The Summit will provide Young Entrepreneurs a networking opportunity with top CEOs from Corporate and Banks, Policy Makers, Intellectuals, Technocrats and distinguished personalities from various fields from India and abroad. This will also elaborate on enhancement of business activities, capacity building, export promotion, acquiring latest technology, equity funding, banking finance, strategies for entering new markets, business collaborations and alliances, skill development, setting up new enterprises, expanding existing businesses, changing mindset of family run businesses, quality management, productivity improvement and other business opportunities. The Summit will take up issues and problems of young entrepreneurs and guide them on surviving in competitive markets. It will address the need for more seed and venture funds for start-ups. The Summit will also be useful to entrepreneurs for motiviation and mentoring by top CEOs and distinguished speakers in order to be successful in the competitive market.


    * Interaction with top CEOs, Policy Makers, Bankers and Business tycoons
    * Opportunity for networking and enhancement of contacts
    * Opportunity to explore domestic and overseas markets
    * Guidance for starting new business or expansion
    * To learn from the experience of the experts
    * Understand the schemes and incentives from Government Departments
    * Assistance for obtaining project & export and working capital
    * Resolving the problem related to business
    * Improving the performance of existing family business
    * Assistance for preparing a business plan
    * Assistance for preparing marketing strategy for domestic and export
    * Effective Financial Management
    * Identification of the project
    * Guidance on improvement in quality and productivity
    * Individual and Industry specific problems & issues will be taken up at appropriate departments and agencies

Promotional and Development Activities

    * Advertisements in all news papers
    * Electronic Media Partner – NDTV or CNBC
    * Radio promotion in all major cities
    * Advertisement on hoardings in major cities
    * Event info to be displayed in Air ports and Rly. Stations (selected)
    * Printed brochures to be sent to young entrepreneurs and members
    * E-mailer of event to be sent to young entrepreneurs of India and abroad
    * Road shows in major cities in India and important cities in various countries
    * Display facility during the event
    * Event information to displayed during the major events in India
    * Event information to be sent through associates and partners
    * Post event advertisements

Awards & Recognition

Young Entrepreneurs play an important role for the development of the Nation. They contribute to the industrial output, exports, employment generation and help to achieve higher economic growth. Despite excellent knowledge, innovative ideas and remarkable contributions towards Nation building, most of the entrepreneurs do not come into limelight and their efforts and success are not fully known to outside world.

The Young Entrepreneurs Forum confers and recognises the exceptional talents and contributions of entrepreneurs involved in various business sectors. We also appreciate and confer awards to the Corporates, Banks and other Institutions who support them for their distinguished contributions, developments, innovations and achievements. This recognition will motivate existing and emerging entrepreneurs to succeed in their fields and will act as role models for encouraging more entrepreneurship.

A panel of judges consisting of industrialists, experts, retired Government officials, senior executives of banks and corporates will select the successful entrepreneurs for Awards.

Award categories include :

    * Global Entrepreneur Award
    * Global Young Entrepreneur Award
    * Entrepreneurship Excellence Award
    * Best Corporate Award for Supporting Young Entrepreneurs
    * Best Bank Award for Supporting Young Entrepreneurs
    * Best Young Entrepreneur Award for Manufacturing Sector
    * Best Young Entrepreneur Award for Financial Services
    * Best Young Entrepreneur Award for Healthcare Sector
    * Best Young Entrepreneur Award for Media, Entertainment and Communications
    * Best Young Entrepreneur Award for Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction
    * Best Young Entrepreneur Award for Service Sector
    * Best Young Entrepreneur Award for Technology & Emerging industries
    * Best Young Entrepreneur for Social Sector
    * Most Promising Young Entrepreneur Award
    * Young Entrepreneur Award for Export Excellence
    * Young Entrepreneur Award for Outstanding Achievement

Who Can Participate?

    * Existing and Prospective Entrepreneurs
    * Small & Medium Enterprises
    * Young Generation from the family owned business
    * Banks and Financial Institutions
    * Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms
    * Financial, Marketing and Legal Consultants
    * Salaried employees with desire to start new business
    * Students with inclination to start a business
    * Women who want to become an entrepreneur
    * Policy makers and Top CEOs

Benefits to the Participants

This Summit will equip the entrepreneurs to prepare themselves thoroughly for assessing the business opportunities and take necessary action in developing their enterprises to meet the desired objectives and also encourage those desirous of starting an enterprise with valuable information and guidance.

The participants will be assisted by the SME Chamber of India in their start up and implementation processes with information, advice and guidance at every step through consultancy and mentoring services.

A special session will be dedicated for developing women entrepreneurs and family run businesses.

Special training programmes will be organised at regular intervals to assess the needs of the entrepreneurs and suggest suitable actions.

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