World Famous Magician - Jadugar Mangal Magic Show

World Famous Magician - Jadugar Mangal Magic Show


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About The Event

Prince of Magic- Mangal to thrill Chennai  Audience with his spectacular magic!


Chennai, May, 2016: Jadugar Mangal, the man who is going to create a new era of magic in the world will come to Chennai to mesmerize its people with his 120 minute spectacular magic show. This month-long show, beginning on May 5, 2016 will take place at Raja Annamalai Mandram A/c, Broadway (Near Madras High Court / Broadway Bus Stand / Fort Railway Station).  Jadugar will showcase some stunning tricks from his colorful mayalok abode.


Mangal has performed in various states with overwhelming response from all age groups alike. His magic shows are amazing, enthralling and seemed to even challenge nature!


Mangal, a true professional, has plans to perform a number of interesting illusions. For many of his tricks, he picks up someone from the audience to prove that there are no tricks to his magic tricks. It is all but, pure magic. Mangal also invites them to check the equipment he uses before performing the illusion.


Mangal hails from Rajkot in Gujarat.  He is just 48 years old and has been working in the field of magic for 35 years. There are more than 40 artistes in his troupe. He has been in this profession for two decades. He has performed more than 25,000 shows all over India, and abroad.


Magic Show Illusions

1.    First time in India- Under water escape 

2.    Money rain

3.    Man passing through a Mirror

4.    Syonara Mystrey

5.    Car vanishing

6.    Statue of Liberty disappears in slow motion

7.    Man chopped into 8 pieces

8.    Paperstick levitation of  Pranayama

9.    Man to lady & lady to man

10.  Floating lady

11.  Houdini Illusion Box






12.  The Game of Death

13.  Burning lady

14.  Movie to live

15. Candle levitation

16. Man through Man (Spiderman)

17. Geometrical box

18. Man passing throughfan

19. Hongkong mystrey

20. Wall of China


And many more…………


We wish you a Magical Experience !!!

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