VoIP botricks : Workshop on Synchronization of Information Communication Technologies & Applied Robotics Systems

VoIP botricks : Workshop on Synchronization of Information Communication Technologies & Applied Robotics Systems


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About The Event

Our Vision

Technogenious Solutions aims to give India's most reputed workshop in the field of robotics and automation. It aims to train participants and produce skilled technocrats and equips them with all thetools, techniques and methods needed for automation industry. These Workshops are intended toproduce technocrats for the next generation. The live interactive sessions and real life examples will takeparticipants inside the minds of a technocrat.

Key Benefit

• We will be providing the students knowledge in the field of Educational Robotics by giving themknowledge of various robotics systems and introducing them to the needs of the current robotics & automation sector.

• Direct hands on various top notch communication technologies like VoIP, Internet, GSM etc.

• It will help student in the development of their academic major project.

• Industry always wants students with a proper practical knowledge along with adequate knowledge ofthe subject.

Workshop Highlights

• “My First Robot” to “My First Intelligent Robot”

• Learn the working of various type of sensors with their application with microcontrollers.

• Integration with DTMF technology or say controlling using Cellular Phone.

• Learn the framework of VoIP communication technology

• Have an hands to control your robot using VoIP Phone, Skype from anywhere.

• Better to say Internet Controlled Robots/Remote Crawlers.


Faculty from IIT Roorkee


1200 per student(kit free to a group of 4)

Requirements from Student Side

• One Laptop per team(4 students)

• Little knowledge of programming languages

Course Duration

16 hours (To be covered in 2 days)

Certification and Workshop Handouts

• All of the participants will get the “Certificate of Participation” from Technogenious Solutions.

• “Certificate of Coordination” to all the coordinators (Max. 5) from Technogenious Solutions.

• Comprehensive Study Material for each team.

• Demonstration Packs & Required Software (if necessary) for a team.

• Winning teams will get certificate of merit too.

Eligibility Criteria

• All B.Tech/ B.E / B.S. / B.Sc / M.Tech / MS / MCA/BCA or any person having an interest in robotics andautomation sector are eligible to attend this workshop.

• Little knowledge of programming languages required.

Topics To Be Covered

Session 1+2 : My First Robot with Intelligence

• Introduction to sensing devices

• Various types of sensors

• How to design sensors and choose component values in sensor design

• Introduction to line follower

• How does it work

• What is brain/microcontroller(AVR series)

• How to program a microcontroller(first code in c)

• How to debug the code in software

• How to transfer code to microcontroller

• Testing of line follower


• Checking various problems with sensors using multimeters.

• Assembling & testing of line follower robot.

Session 3 : DTMF decoding

• Introduction to DTMF

• How to make use of DTMF in our robots.

• How does DTMF decoding works

• How to use decoded signal to control your robot.

• Testing of DTMF decoding through LED’s

• Building computer controlled Robot

• Assembling mobile controlled robot

• Coding and burning

• Testing of final mobile controlled robot


• Cutting headphones to make use of DTMF tones

• Checking whether DTMF is working properly using LED’s

• Debugging any problem with DTMF tones

• Testing of final robot and debugging using multimeter

Session 4 : VoIP Technology & its implementation

• VoIP Technology

• Benefits of technology.

• Challeges of using VoIP.

• VoIP integration with DTMF technologies.

• VoIP Communication Model

• VoIP initiated circuit switched controlled robot

• VoIP controlled robot(Skype)


• Development of VoIP controlled robot or say Internet Controlled Robot/Remote crawler

• Testing of final robot and debugging using multimeter

Session 5

• Introduction to edge avoider robot

• What sensors we can use in them

• Assembling edge avoider robot

• Coding and burning

• Testing of final edge avoider robot

• Ideas on how to make obstacle avoider,light searching robots and many more……


• Programming with delay functions

• Assembling robot for edge avoider function

• Testing of final robot and debugging using multimeter

Session 6

• Competition for merit Robots Prepared During Workshop

• Remote Crawler/VoIP Controlled(Internet controlled) Robot

• Line follower Robot

• Mobile controlled Robot

• Edge avoider Robot

• Obstacle avoider Robot

• Computer controlled Robot

Kit Contents

1) The controller board (Brain)

• Built around the popular Atmel AVR microcontroller Atmega 8

• 4 channels of motor controller Board, capable of driving 2 dc motors

• On board power regulator IC

• On board power supply socket

• LEDs(Light Emitting Diodes) for display

• Atmega 8 Microcontroller

2) Programmer:

• USB Powered

• Supports almost all AVR series microcontrollers

• USB cable

• ISP Connector

3) Sensors:

• 2 IR sensors


• 2 dc geared motors with metal gears

• 1 castor wheel

• 2 Wheels with rubber grip

5)Power Supply:

• 9V 1A power supply OR

• 9V Radio Battery

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